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 Stefan Mazowiecki the Hetman of The Vistulian Kingdom

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Stefan Mazowiecki
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Hetman of Vistulian Kingdom and Lord Magnate of the High Council

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#1PostSubject: Stefan Mazowiecki the Hetman of The Vistulian Kingdom   Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:46 pm

Name: Stefan Mazowiecki

Tittles: Hetman of Vistulian Kingdom and Lord Magnate of the High Council

Race: Human
Class: Hetman, which is a mix between Swordsman and Commander

Age: 48
Faction: Kingdom of Vistulia
Alignment: Neutral Good


+ Excelent Swordsman
+ Good tactician
+ Very Charismatic

- He is fairly arrogant, like most nobles
- Well he might not be too old, but still age starts geting to him
- As a man in such high position it is only natural for him to have his fair share of enemies, both internal and external


They are born leader, very charismatic and skillful

Born into the noble house Mazowicki, Stefan was a subject of it's many long standing traditions, for his family was very old one indeed dating it's origins to times before Kingdom of Vistulia existed. One of those traditions was to put children through a test of sorts, at first make them only a baron so they have to work for their place in high society, and so he did with time he learned to be reasourcful, cunning and most importantly it was the spark that set off his fires of ambition to become first Hetman of the Mazowiecki family and to that end he would work his entire life but in this path he had met his rival, his nemesis Ludwik Radziwil the future head of the Radziwil noble family which for generations was sworn enemy to Mazowieckis, their bitter rivalry extends to times before kingdom when they were just a simple farmers. The ocasion to finaly grasp his prize came when the old king, a rather weak willed man who was deeply inside Radziwilis pockets, died and Noble houses came to elcet their new leader, and Stefan was lucky for he knew a perfect candidate, a man under the name of Wladyslaw Czartoryski, a minor baron despite his obvious talents in all the right places, so to speak, when the time to propose a candidate came, there were only 2 truly running for the office Wladyslaw and some noble sponsored by Radziwils. Many noble houses were tired of the unlimited power that Radziwils had during the reign of previous king so it was easy to side with Mazowiecki's candidate, who won by a landslide. Soon after electing the new king a question of who will be next Hetman was posed, and obviosly the two candidates for the job were Stefan and Ludwik, and again the animosity towards Radziwils won out and Stefan Mazowiecki became Hetman of Vistulian Army.Truly a posistion of considerible power since under his command found itself the forces of Vistulias most elite warriors: The Gryphon Riders, The Inged Hussars.
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Stefan Mazowiecki the Hetman of The Vistulian Kingdom
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