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 Kyroellian Tarane

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Kyroellian Tarane
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Moonlight Swordsman

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#1PostSubject: Kyroellian Tarane   Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:53 pm

Name: Kyroellian Tarane
Race: Human
Class: Swordsman
Nicknames: Moonlight Swordsman, Twilight Phantom, Terra's End*
Age: 24
Faction: Ex- Knights of the Holy Queens
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Will power
  • Good fighting skills
  • Moves quick despite the weight and size of his blade
  • Somewhat strong 
  • Focused on the opponent he may be fighting


  • Lacks in boundaries, he thinks he can overcome any obstacle by himself
  • prefers to be alone even if something requires a group
  • Dislikes becoming too attached to someone
  • Closed emotionally 


He has very weak holy magic due to his time in the Knights of the Holy Queens.

He was born into the Kingdom of the Holy Knights, his whole life he was governed by the angels, he admired the angels. One night something happened, the kingdom was attacked by an unknown force. Kyro's parents where killed in the ensuing battle. After the enemy was driven back from the kingdom, Kyro was left alone. Powerless and disgraced. An angel soon took the young Kyro in as her child. The angel's name was Terra, the head queen of the kingdom. Years passed and Terra trained Kyroellian in the art of sword combat, He took a liking to the two handed sword and was soon strong enough to swing it with one hand. He didn't have many friends as a child, only Terra and a couple of Angels. Soon many years more passed and Terra was slowly becoming more cruel, it was a sad sight when she would loose her cool. One day while Kyro was training in the barracks Terra showed up. There where tears in her eyes and blood stained her wings. Kyro rushed over quickly putting his blade into its scabbard on his back, and asked what had happened. Terra suddenly cut Kyro with her sword across his right shoulder. He was shocked to the core when this happened, blood splattered across Terra's face and she just smiled. Kyro was in tears by now seeing what his mother had become. He drew his blade and pleaded for Terra to stop, all she said was "Why stop? When i'm so close to killing all of you?" She then cut his other arm spraying more of his blood onto her. Finally She attempted to attack again,this time Kryo was ready and had parried the blade's blow. A tremendous battle then unfolded and in the end, Terra was defeated. There in the rain, Kyroellian laid on his knees with his slain mother in his arms. Tears dropped from his eyes onto the pale skin of the fallen angel. Kyro soon left the Kingdom, exiled himself and began roaming the land, that was when he was 18. Soon after the fall of Terra, the Knights of the Holy Queens split. Soon the Holy Kingdom of the Seraphs fell.
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Kyroellian Tarane
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