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 The Yvemian faith {suggestion,subject to change}

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Should the deity have different names for the various human kingdoms?
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#1PostSubject: The Yvemian faith {suggestion,subject to change}   Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:14 pm

Themes:Secretive "Catholic-like" religion 

Below is an short summery of the idea of the religion most humans would practice.

Arguably the oldest organized religion on the continent founded by an "Illustrious Prophet/The Holy Mother" {Secretly an mage that wanted to unify the human kingdoms,using her powers in the name of divinity despite her having no actual ties to any divine force.} the Yvemian faith has its influence embedded deep in human culture,the physical center of the church is at their grand cathedral within the kingdom of Vistulia {The Church maintains autonomy marking the Cathedral and it's grounds part of their own small city state.} since it's creation it has rooted out "black magics",demonolgists and necromancers as well as the occasional heathen and defiant village tribe.

The holy scripture of their faith is written in the forgotten tongue of the Elarn the predecessor of the current human kingdoms,it's teachings only truly understood by the priests and crusaders who are thought to translate the texts alongside learning how to read.

The religion itself will pretty much be based around an fantasy spinoff of the Catholic faith/Orthodox in worshiping an singular deity who has forever punished the mortal realm leaving the followers of the church to live humble and faithful lives in order to amend for their sins and to achieve "eternal rest and forgiveness" 

The religion's official governing body known as the Synod consists of various bishops who vote into power an singular cardinal which holds absolute divine power over the church and who's duty lies in it's defense.The Cardinal can at times of holy war appoint an Lord-Inquisitor to lead the vast devout armies of crusaders and paladins in the name of their wrathful god. {The Lord/Lady-Inquisitor can be another player or simply an NPC}.

The Church also receives repentant taxes and donations from their many chapels and temples dotted across the continent,the church even owns most of the human mints where the coin of the realm is pressed and then sent to their respective owners {the kings/merchants} the Church uses their massive income to fund crusades or to supply missions aimed at spreading the faith.

Despite being one of the most powerful forces on the continent,the Church suffers from internal strife,constant heretical uprisings,savage tribal pagans and most dangerous of all...being an target for demons.

Demons as known by their beliefs where formed from humanity's sin and while the church's holy embellishment can deter such vile creatures,many of the faithful have throughout history fallen to the senseless evils of their gravest creation.

Throughout history the Synod had waged several crusades which made most conflicts of the current time seem small in comparison,however only one of these crusades actually achieved it's purpose and that was to secure an ancient artifact closely guarded by the Church's private guard...The Custodian Order.

{More lore on the Church will be explained later}

The faith is most popular among the fearful peasantry of the various kingdoms while providing an sense of duty to many soldiers across the realm.It's teachings holding sway from the most downtrodden of souls to the highest of kings.
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#2PostSubject: Re: The Yvemian faith {suggestion,subject to change}   Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:43 pm

The Church.
Yvemian Cross:Sigil of the Faith:

The Synod:

The administrative ruling body of the Church's hierarchy,consisting of an council of the high bishops of Vallos,it is through this council that the Cardinal is elected.Each member of the Synod has their own collective power and funding that they bring to the service of the Cardinal,it's meetings kept secret with an collection of ways to identify it's membership,one of the more common ways being the specially forged amulet each high bishop wears as an symbol of his/her office.

Synod Amulet:

The Custodian Guard.
Sigil of the Custodians:

The Custodian Guard is the private army tasked with defending the Casmirian Cathedral {The Crimson Cathedral} and the Synod.Their tasks also include the escorting of high valued shipments and protection of the high bishops on their travels.The Custodians consist of veteran paladins,mercenaries and soldiers drawn from across Vallos,this makes the Custodian Guard able to bring varied experiences to it's force as aged commanders pass on their training to the younger generation of Custodian Guardsmen.Besides their guard duties,the Custodians are also capable of performing more "dirty jobs" for the Bishops effectively becoming an clandestine force within the Church as well.

Military Arm of the Church.
Sigil of the Inquisition :
Led by the Lord-Inquisitor the military arm of the Church consists of the various orders within the church,the chivalric orders that serve the church and those they attract from the various other kingdom's military forces.The Church also hires mercenary bands with their vast coin but this action is usually reserved for major conflicts.

Despite all this potential military power,the Church keeps it reserved only for Crusades and Holy Wars where the absolute survival of the faith would depend on the sacrifices made on the battlefield.

{This will be expanded upon at an later date}
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The Yvemian faith {suggestion,subject to change}
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