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 The Journal of Aradith Blackthorn

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Aradith Blackthorn
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#1PostSubject: The Journal of Aradith Blackthorn   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:52 pm

Dawn, 112 AE
On-route to Ironhelm

My dreams have become more intense than I can bare, sleep evades me constantly. It is not just the vision of the figure from the Pine Isle that is haunting me, there seems to be something else trying to come through. I don't want Silas or the crew to worry, I fear they wouldn't understand the ailment I have. I saw Silas' face after my vision at Woodpier, I'm honestly more certain he believes I am just a drunk. 

I have never been good at interpreting these visions, it makes me so frustrated I could scream. I had thought the vision back at Woodpier was all one, and yet it seems there may be a hidden message. I keep envisioning images of home, images of Blackthorn Tower and the forest. In the dream I find myself wandering through the woodland as I used to, I see my brothers in the distance. Gideon is sat at the foot of a tree sharpening his sword, he smiles as he sees me, and I feel a sense of relief that I am home. Casimir stands to his side, he doesn't look up as I approach, he is reading a book. The book is large and black, bound by heavy buckles, it doesn't look like something from our library. As I get closer Gideon's expression of welcome turns to horror, Casimir remains still. I reach my brothers and suddenly Casimir looks up to meet my gaze with a startling glare, as I meet his eyes the dream ends. I wake every time drenched in sweat, a feeling of overwhelming unease sweeps over me as the image of Casimir's glare is etched in my mind.

I will try to keep myself composed, I cannot lose my wits on the road to Ironhelm as I fear we might encounter some difficulties along the way. I will try and sleep now, I must.
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The Journal of Aradith Blackthorn
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