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 Human Heroes of Old

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Aradith Blackthorn
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#1PostSubject: Human Heroes of Old   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:19 pm

Queen Orcella I also known as Orcella the Blessed, due to the deep admiration held for her by her people, was the first Queen to rule Arcadia in her own right. Orcella was the only daughter of Percival III and inherited his throne with much skepticism from her people. However, over her rule which lasted an impressive 60 years, Orcella cemented the Eld Alliance with the Dwarves, doing what her forefathers had not, creating peace in Arcadia. The Eld Alliance was signed with Borrin Ironhelm, grandson of the legendary hero Dain Ironhelm. Orcella’s grace and wisdom was renowned throughout the land, her intelligence even gaining her respect amongst Elven scholars who considered her their equal. She is also responsible for establishing the great Library of Men, which documents the history of the race of men, also retaining the artefacts of old, something the Elves had done centuries before the humans caught up. The death of Orcella is shrouded in mystery, the Queen, although aged ninety, was in good health. Some say that her good health at her extraordinary age was a magical gift from her elven allies. It was on a journey to Ironhelm for a parlay with the King of the Mountain, that Orcella’s carriage was attacked and the Queen herself was murdered. Her onyx and sapphire necklace, forged by Borrin as a sign of peace between the two nations, the onyx being the stone of Ironhelm and the sapphires representing the banners of Arcadia, was stolen. It is thought to be a priceless peace of jewelry, some even suggesting that it now contains the spirit of the Queen herself. Conspiracies of assassination organized by the Queen’s own son, Zenathor (who would later be King himself), were speculated due to the Queen’s good health and Zenathor’s own ailing condition, the prince fearing he would never have the throne for himself.

Darian Whitebeck is a legend of human history. Darian was a humble mage, in his late seventies, that rose to prominence during the Great Frost of Arcadia that occurred during the reign of Zenathor I. After decades of prosperity, Zenathor managed to plunge the city into chaos, almost breaking the Eld Alliance that his mother had made. When the city was at its lowest point in the coldest winter Vallos had ever seen, a great Ice Dragon emerged from the North. The supplies of food from Ironhelm could not reach Arcadia without fear of destruction by the Dragon. The Dragon was itself starved of food as even the animals and creatures of the North had frozen in their sleep or gone deep into hibernation. The Dragon attacked the city relentlessly attempting to pick off the weak. It was only when Darian Whitebeck stepped forward, armed with his knowledge of the Arcane art of Flame, that the Dragon was defeated. Darian met the Dragon’s ice with the flames of his magic tearing it from the sky as it circled the city. It was after the Dragon had fallen that the King, Zenathor (who had always been in poor health), died of the Frost. Some of the people even called for Darian to be named King in the following succession crisis. Darian, who had never looked for fame, left the city shortly after. Some say that he took some followers with him to the freelands across the sea where he taught them his magic. Nevertheless, Darian is remembered as a great hero having saved the city from complete collapse and destruction.
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Uriel Tiber
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#2PostSubject: Re: Human Heroes of Old   Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:12 pm

Unsure if I need to say,but I approve of the lore.
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Human Heroes of Old
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