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 Orcish Heroes of Old

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#1PostSubject: Orcish Heroes of Old   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:17 pm

Ghoral Shamba was the first Orc chieftain, a position he reached by brutally slaughtering all the other leaders of his tribe until only he remained as the unchallenged ruler. His regime was fierce, but he displayed all the attributes that primal orcs considered exemplary. He was strong, unyielding in battle, unwavering to emotion and physically imposing. Shamba represented much of what the early Orcs deemed as honourable and admirable qualities. Shamba was defeated at the Battle of Fossir by the Elven war commander Renistha Bireth. Even the Orcs that witnessed the event were unable to believe that Bireth had actually beheaded their beloved and fearsome chieftain on the battlefield. The rumour then spread across the Orcish population that Bireth had used dark Arcane forces to murder Shamba, defying what the Orcs would consider honour in battle and robbing Shamba of his chance of an honest war death. The Orcs mourn the death of Shamba to this day and hold the entire Elven species as accountable for his dishonourable murder. Each chieftain to this day claims to be a direct descendent of Shamba and the one that will finally avenge his murder.  

Mothan Mogduma was the founder of the Orcish city of Krulbrammud, the first Orc to decide a civilization needed to be more ordered and established. Although what Mogduma established is nothing close to the elegance of the Elves, the skill of a Dwarves or the democracy of the Men, it is the closest to a landmark in the Orcish territory. Mogduma began to scribe Orcish history down in leather books. The task of documenting Orcish history is nowhere near complete, and their system of documentation is nowhere near as sophisticated as the other race’s, yet it has encouraged a new interest in education within the Orcish community. Mogduma is considered, for many Orcs, a revolutionary who has furthered their species for the better. The current leader of Krulbrammud is Mogduma’s grandson, Thokk.
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Orcish Heroes of Old
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