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 Dwarvish Heroes of Old

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#1PostSubject: Dwarvish Heroes of Old   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:14 pm

Dain Ironhelm is a legendary Dwarvish hero and the namesake of Ironhelm. He is known for his leadership of the claiming of Ironhelm from the dwarvern enemies, the elves, who had first claimed the entire mountain pass when the populations fled from the forgotten continent of Andoriên. Dain led his forces through a strategic mission of tunneling through the mountains as little elven forces were permanently based as far as Ironhelm. The elves had little knowledge of the value that lay under the mountain. Dain however; understood the kingdom that Ironhelm could become. The oldest passageways in the mountain were formed by Dain’s men and these passages exist to this very day. Significantly there was the discovery of onyx stone which is thought as extremely rare and valuable- only existing in the mountain of Ironhelm. Once the dwarves had begun to build into the mountain the elves realised they had misjudged its value, sending forces to drive the dwarves out. Dain led the bravest dwarven warriors in a formation protecting the base of the mountain, deflecting the elven arrows with a phenomenal shield wall, waiting until the elves had tired and then racing into battle in the open field. The elves could not stop the dwarves once they had entered the mountain, Dain had made it their home.
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Dwarvish Heroes of Old
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