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 Elvish Heroes of Old

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#1PostSubject: Elvish Heroes of Old   Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:11 pm

Elaris Sorain was an Elven hero who fought against the first orcs and allowed hundreds of elves to escape from the mythical continent of Andoriên to Vallos. He was renowned for fighting with his elven staff named Lunas, that emitted a bright white light. During the initial disaster of the Arcane Spire, Elaris created an enormous magical sphere around the elven settlement allowing the citizens to reach the ships before the blast took the city. Elaris’ magic is thought to have formed a spherical white field in the sky that stretched as far into the sky as the eye could see. He is hailed as amazingly powerful, demonstrating the most advanced harnessing of the Arcane Realm ever witnessed. His sacrifice allowed the elves to continue and found the City of Evantis. In honour of his bravery and sacrifice a statue of his likeness with his famous staff sits outside the Council Chamber. The staff itself is thought to have been destroyed when Elaris himself was left behind on Andoriên, and yet some believe that an object as powerful as Lunas could have survived the explosion of the Arcane Spire. However most now believe that it is unlikely Sorain ever existed, especially Men and Dwarves believe his tale is simply an example of Elven vanity.

Renistha Bireth was a legendary Elven war commander who led an army to the border of Evantian territory during the settlement of Vallos and established Fossir, the southernmost point before the beginning of Orcish territory. It is said that with her sword, Rosemire, Renistha slayed the fearsome first Orc chieftain Ghoral Shamba, an event that spurned the Orcish hatred for the Elves even further. Shama’s head was displayed on a spike on the border of Evantian territory to symbolize the establishment of the border. Shamba was the only Orc chieftan to make it as North as Fossir and since his defeat at the blade of Renistha no orcs have dared try and push the border any further North. Rosemire, the sword of Renistha Bireth, sits in the Elven achieves below the Great Library in Evantis. Renistha had served on the Elven Council until her death around one hundred years ago.
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Elvish Heroes of Old
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