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 Jessica's Inventory

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Jessica Grim
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#1PostSubject: Jessica's Inventory    Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:35 pm

Jessica has two primary weapons that she always keeps by her side. Her mini crossbow and hidden blade.

The mini crossbow, is something of her own tinkering. It works much like a normal crossbow, however it can be held with one hand, and has a quicker rate of fire than a normal crossbow. However it is far less powerful than a normal crossbow.

Her hidden blade is also something of her own making. It is a small contraption hidden under her right hand sleeve. Through a series of cogs and the movement of her middle finger curling into her fist, she is able to reveal the blade, and then when spreading her hand out again hiding the blade. The attachment to her middle finger is disguised as an iron ring.

Light leather armour, with metal padding on her shoulders and knees, that covers all of her body. A cloth hood is worn over her head to keep her face hidden, while a scarf is wrapped around her neck. Leather boots with metal studs are worn on her feet, while a leather glove is worn on her left hand. Her light armour allows for quick movements and quick attacks.

Without her armour, Jessica can be seen sporting clothes rather similar, but instead made out of clothe, however she still conceals her face with her scarf and hood.

One black horse that she stole from raiders.


About ten gold coins, fifty silver coins and two hundred copper coins. All stolen, or made by selling some of her inventions.

None, Jessica has been living in inns and pubs, and even the streets or someone's house, when people where kind enough to allow her to sleep.

One ruby necklace given to her by her Mistress, Lady Fright. 

Fifty small bots for her crossbow
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Jessica's Inventory
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