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 Jessica Grim

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Jessica Grim
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#1PostSubject: Jessica Grim   Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:11 pm

Name: Jessica Grim

Race: Human
Class: Rogue 

Age: 24
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 


Expert Thief:
Growing up on the streets, Jessica has learnt the way of pickpocketing and stealing valuable wares from right under someone's nose. Whether that's through making up some story and then winning her victims over with her innocent and pretty looks. 

Moderate Blade User: Give Jessica any short or one handed blade and she will be able to easily do some quick and devastating work.

Persuasioninst: Whether it be through a kiss or quick thinking within arguments, Jessica can get people to do what she wants with very little work. Even if it takes a bit of gold, she can easily turn the tide in an argument, and even a battle.

Tinkerer: Although she's a thief and a cutthroat at heart, Jessica still finds the time to dabble in a bit of engineering. Coming up with idea's for minor gadgets, or thinking of the logical way to solve a problem is one of her many specialties.

Paper Skin: Without any armour, Jessica can crumple as easily as paper, if she doesn't play her cards right. Her fragile suture, caused by little food and sleep, as caused her to become rather vulnerable to sharp and piercing weapons.

Weak Bones: Blunt weapons are the vain of Jessica's battles. Her weal bones are prone to fracturing or breaking, and almost any hit from a blunt weapon can wind her, while heavy hits from a blunt weapon can easily knock her out.

Frail Hands: With all her speed and agility, Jessica lacks in raw strength. Unable to fight in heavy armour, and sometimes being high encumbered in even median armour, Jessica just doesn't have strength on her side. Even heavy weapons such as great swords and morning stars are clumsy and awkward in her hands.

Nightmares: Jessica is usually struck with graphic and violent nightmares, depicting horrid images of her past or strange events showcasing powerful men and woman. These nightmares have caused her to have a large lacking of sleep, and a rather strange fear of the dark.

The Code: Despite her thieving nature, Jessica does have a moral code. She doesn't steal from those who need all the money they can get, She doesn't kill children, She only takes a job if it will give her a decent sum of money, She never throws the first strike. Because of this, people can manipulate her good nature, or even use her code against her.


Sixth Sense:
Although Jessica may not be able to use magic herself, she does have the peculiar ability to sense the auroras of those who are. However, this only comes into play when the person is in close vicinity to her.

Growing up with her father, on the streets, for a short time during her childhood, she found life hard. Nothing came easy to her and her criminal father. Because of this Jessica never got a formal education, instead she picked up street smarts, and even stole books to read in her spare time. After stealing a book about engineering, Jessica became hooked, reading it over and over again. Eventually she started making her own inventions, such as a hidden blade. Small and quiet. 

At age sixteen she lost her father to town guards, while she was only a few feet away, reading her engineering book under a tree. After witnessing her own father's death, she was filled with rage and did something both stupid and unexpected. Jumping into the heart of battle, she fought like a wild animal, killing off the first guard, with a swift strike from her hidden, to the neck. However, the battle was futile in the end. After ten brutal minuets of fighting, Jessica was knocked out and hauled away.

A few years passed and Jessica would find herself working in prison, serving a life sentence for the murder of one of the towns guards. She would of been killed on the spot if it wasn't for an upper class woman vouching for her, and placing her on trail. Because of this she was allowed to live, but placed in Prison.

Now at eighteen, she was being released, but as a slave, not a free woman. She had spent the last two years in Prison only to be bought off as a slave. However, what was surprising was the upper class woman who saved her, had just bought her. This woman called herself Lady Fright around everyone in the town, but told Jessica her first name was Sarah.

A full three years soon passed like the wind. Jessica grew up stronger than ever, and found great comfort with Sarah. Jessica was never treated as a slave, but instead as something much more special, a friend. Soon she began developing feelings for Sarah. However, being left alone for several years only to be taken up by one person who cared about her, did have that sort of effect on her. The only heartbreak to this, however, was Sarah was already married to the lord of the town.

One year later, Jessica's good life came to an end. With the town being raided by organised criminals. The criminals cut through the guards like a sabre through silk. They killed the lord of the town within moments of attacking. Jessica knew they would soon come for Sarah, so she rushed to her lady's side. Armed with a crossbow she stole off a guard's corpse, and her second version of her hidden knife, Jessica fought as brutally as she did when her father was killed. However, even now, it still wasn't enough. After an hour of fighting she was knocked out and taken captive by the raiders.

A few days later she woke up, chained up and being pulled along in a caravan. Once again she was alone and stripped of all her belongings. Life, once again, looked bleak for her.

Another two years of harsh treatment as a slave passed. She became miserable, and even began listing off every horrid thing the raiders did to her, finding an odd comfort in it. However, life smiled upon her once more, as the raider's finally stopped to rest. Then late at night Jessica made her move. She was able to seduce one of the raider guards and pull him off to the side, promising him a good time. Once out of sight, Jessica killed the man and stole his knife and crossbow. She then went through the camp, to retrieve her hidden blade. Finding it on one of the raider generals, she killed the general in his sleep, then stole a horse and escaped. Running as fast as she could.

Now, a few months later, she found herself in a quiet village outside of Fossir. She went back to thieving, just to cut corners, but besides that she's stayed low, tinkering with her own inventions. Soon creating a small crossbow, and getting ready for when those raiders come for her.
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#2PostSubject: Re: Jessica Grim   Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:15 pm

Looks good to me. Approved as far as im concerned.
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Jessica Grim
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