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 The Road to Ironhelm

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Silas Reed
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Private#1PostSubject: The Road to Ironhelm   Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:36 pm

After several days of cautious sailing, the Red Herring finally reached the coast east of Ironhelm. Even when anchoring and docking the crew kept an eye out, still suspicious of the cloaked figure back on the Pine Isle. Nevertheless they managed to load a caravan cheerily; collecting four horses, two for Aradith and Silas and two to cart their supplies, as well as sending two guards of the crew to accompany them.

"It's a couple days ride to Ironhelm, I hope you enjoy the company of horses." Silas smirked as he mounted his horse, stroking it's neck to steady it. Underneath his jacket there was a rapier sheathed, as well as enough throwing knives to opening a kitchen with. He too wasn't taking any chances with the following problem, instead hoping to be able to defend himself and Aradith should the caravan be attacked.

"Off we go." Silas nodded to Aradith, tapping his horse into a steady walk. The two supply horses followed behind them at the same pace so both Silas and Aradith would lead their way.
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Aradith Blackthorn
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Private#2PostSubject: Re: The Road to Ironhelm   Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:39 pm

As much as Aradith loved the sea, she was glad when the Red Herring finally reached land again. She had not been sleeping well for the last few nights, the same vision of the figure she had seen on the Pine Isle would not let her rest. Aradith had mounted Ivy on her back feeling she would need her trusty blade on this journey. As she mounted her horse she smiled, "Nothing quite like a good steed." 

Even Silas had been quiet over the last few days. He seemed to be deep in thought, Aradith assumed his mind was also occupied with questions about the figure that tracked them. They had not spoken about it since the Pine Isle, but a feeling of unease had followed them the entire journey. 

Aradith tried to put all worry to the back of her mind, often her visions never came to fruition and perhaps, if they were lucky, that was the case now. She had heard the legends of Ironhelm since her childhood, the magnificent city under the mountain. Aradith had never ventured this far West and the thought of seeing the Dwarvish homeland filled her with childlike excitement.

"Do you think we'll encounter any trouble on the road?" She asked Silas curiously.
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The Road to Ironhelm
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