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 Current Species/Races

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#1PostSubject: Current Species/Races   Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:54 pm


The Race of Men are a proud mortal race who seek expansion and uphold monarchistic views of honour and service to their kind. They can be susceptible to greed and corruption easily, but are also often found to be capable of great deeds despite being underestimated by the older races.

Many kinds; Sun Elves, Shadow Elves, Wood Elves, Light Elves. See: Elves of Evantis.

Small, stout and strong. Dwarves hold allegiance to clans and tend to reside in mountain forts or mines. Their capital of the continent, Ironhelm, is a sprawling city within the mountain. They are known to fall into greed of Gold, but are also the bravest and most alcohol-resistant species.

Giants reside in the North, rarely coming south due to the weather conditions and their disinterest in southern affairs. They hail from the North and build wooden forts and homes which they will defend with their lives. The vast majority of Giants are peaceful unless their lands are threatened.



Small green-skinned creatures who are either mercenaries for the Orcs, or greedy traders who move across the land selling their wares.

Mifys are small, humanoid creatures that are best known for the fact there is almost nothing known about them. They appeared overnight in Evantis and nothing has ever caused them to leave. Mifys are highly adept at darker magics such as necromancy, witchery and the like. They are small humanoid creatures with large bright red eyes and typically dark hair with short grey fur covering their body and sharp fangs.

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InnistradWalker aka Angel

#2PostSubject: Speices suggestion   Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:35 pm

So, I think it would be cool to add angels to this list. If you where already going to do that then ignore this comment and delete it
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#3PostSubject: Re: Current Species/Races   Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:08 pm

Tbh goblins should be savage tribals stuck in the swamps, where they fight amongst one another for seemingly no reason.
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#4PostSubject: Re: Current Species/Races   

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Current Species/Races
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