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 The Future of Essence RP

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Staff#1PostSubject: The Future of Essence RP   Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:12 pm

Simplification of the System
As with Convergence RP, we wish to focus Essence RP on storytelling and fun. Therefore we will be removing classes, factions, stats, and other RPG features to streamline our site towards writing instead of number playing.

Lore Rework
We are currently expanding and reworking our lore to accommodate much more character choices and ideas. A 'creation' story along with past history of the races and a new current political/kingdom climate will be detailed shortly.

Beta Access
Everyone who has already created an account will be approved and able to create their character and begin RPing in the locations provided in Vallos. Any further registrations will also be accepted much quicker. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome during this beta phase.

Site Opening
Since there is no more statistics and classes to work out, we hope the site will be fully open much sooner than originally expected. There are a few things, mainly lore-wise, we wish to iron out first, aswell as a few more Race choices to begin with. 

Thanks for staying with us throughout this, and we look forward to seeing you in our first continent of Vallos Very Happy
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The Future of Essence RP
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