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 Elves of Evantis

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#1PostSubject: Elves of Evantis   Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:49 pm

Disclaimer that should be kept in mind, just because they have the ability to use magic doesnt mean they know how to use it.

Evantis is inhabitated by many elven species as well as a human species and some miscelanous species:

Syiin illith

The sun elves from the sunset isles are the smallest elven species in Evantis. They are renowned for their charming faces, cute eyes and their ability to regenerate wounds faster than any other race as well as their high agility and extreme movement speed. They are the bane of archers for their ability to dodge ranged projectiles. Other than that they are also known for their former brutal treatment and their time spent in slavery. Recently though they have rebuilt their task force named the rangers of the sun who utilize grappling hook and 'lotus blades' (wich are tiny knives located around the wrist wich flip open forward to create a lethal punching weapon wich is even more deadly in combination with the movement speed the ranger has when using the grapple hook to hurdle towards the enemy.)

The grappling hook they use can be a lethal tool in combat. When it hits, it allows the user to control the movements of the opponent by pulling on the ropes, also it allows them to jump and reel in to quickly close distance to the target wich is deadly in combination with the lotus blade. This ability to even in combat pick out a single target makes them some of the most dangerous assassins known to Evantis. They also have a natural affinity for archery combined with the highest movement speed known to all races and an ability to charm animals. Many people think they are closely related to the wood elves wich is not wholly impossible but research for now has not confirmed it yet. Up until now they are the second most common species in Evantis.

Overall, the kingdom used to be very peacefull before they became subject to slavery. There are so many young sun elves with horrifying torture marks, missing fingers and cut off ears. They are recovering and reshaping their kingdom to their former glory. It is already showing signs of it's former greatness. Illinea is being worshipped again, trees are growing back to their former lush colors and the elves have opened trade with the other kingdoms. 

Sun elves are fairly small and due to their light skin tone, natural beauty and general cuteness they are easy to tell apart from other elves. Also, in general sun elves are smaller than other elves. Their eyes are very brightly colored ranging from emerald green to a gorgeous purple. Their hair colors are usually very distinct too ranging from bright blonde to orange.

Sombrul Illith
The Sombrul Illith or shadow elves of Evantis are the race that are most skilled at stealth of all races in the kingdom. They are so good at stealth actually that their so called native kingdom cant even be found and due to this alot of people in Evantis debate whether they really exist or not. Their lack of contact with the outside world does not help them with this. But they do really exist. It is unknown what inspires them to pick a side with an army but until now it seems that they have always picked the side that is the apparent right thing to do.

The Sombrul illith have a dark greyish skin tone and typically red or purple eyes with black or white hair. Or so the folklore goes. A shadow elf has the natural ability to turn invisible and for weapons of choice they prefer a silk scarf that they drape around the neck of a target and then they use a long needle made out of glass or metal to puncture through small openings in the armor. Despite that they are very frail and easy to kill really. But only if one would see them coming...

The shadow elves have no other abilities other than their invisibility and tend to exploit the noise on the battlefield to mask their footsteps and unlike regular hitmen they are less effective when there is no noise to drown out their presence. 

Even today still no one knows who they are, what their motivations are and where they come from. Just one thing is known, they see themselves as heroes and they will target those who are in their eyes wrong doers, regardless of what their motivations are.

Mifys are small, humanoid creatures that are best known for the fact there is almost nothing known about them. They apeared overnigh in Evantis and nothing has ever caused them to leave... Not that anyone wanted them to, Mifys are highly adept at darker magics such as necromancy, witchery and the like. They are small humanoid creatures with large bright red eyes and typically dark hair with short grey fur covering their body and sharp fangs. They tend to keep to themselves but will always be ready to the kingdom they rather sporadically chose to live in. Another sinister fact about these cute looking creatures is that when one kills you, they devour the soul of their victim...


Dridders are a peculiar race of half human half spider people. They have the body of a spider but the torso of a human. Another thing they have that humans dont is 4 arms, the ability to cling to walls and a small pouch on what would be their hip if they had actual legs that holds the end of a silk web that they can use for just about anything. Formerly, dridders were exterminated by the frostspike templars as they thought that dridders were carnivorous predators that were comparable to mermaids. For the longest time they were thought to be extinct, that was until a den was found nearby Evantis. Currently they are a very common species in Evantis.

They have had little of a culture so far as they have been 'purged' by the templars of a forgotten age. Currently their presence in Evantis is still viewed as heresy by the remnants of this order. The dridders today have a status of being skilled crafters and construction workers, the latter is because of their ability to attach themselves to walls. 

The dridders have an interesting apearance. They have the upper body of a spider, their face apears mostly elven except for the fact they have 5 eyes. Though they are usually hidden under a hairdo. Their skintone ranges from yellow ish to light purple and pitch black. And their size tends to be around the same size of a regular human.

Water fae
the water fairies (or water nymphs) are well known in Evantis mostly due to their distinct apearance. They apear mostly elven but unlike elves they have large butterfly like wings they usually wear like cloaks around their bodies. They have a bright skin tone but dark hair colors like dark blue or black. They are known for their powerfull healing using the power of water.

Evantis ogres

For the longest time, ogres were taught to be unintelligent, evil and ferocious creatures but after the war against Spectre ended it was revealed that they were actually slaves to Spectre. Despite their intimidating apearance, bulky heads, ugly features and low voices, Ogres are actually the smartest race rivaling the dwarves. Due to their high intelligence, it was thanks to the ogres that peace could break out between their species and the other races in Evantis.

Their already remarkable size and strength already makes them fearsome combatants but the fact that they're also highly intelligent makes them very dangerous opponents on the battlefield as they can change tactic when necesary. Typically, ogres also tend to wear heavy armor and carry heavy weapons and massive shields that are impossible to lift for other races (except for giants).

Evantis Ogres have a very distinct apearance, they have very box like heads, goat like legs with hooves a super wide chest, sharp teeth and a very pale skin tone. Their hands only have 3 fingers wich makes them too clumsy for delicate works such as crafting. They generally have red ish eyes and horns growing out of their neck as well. They have no mouths like humans instead they have more of a beak filled with a disarray of sharp and dull teeth.

Due to their massive size though, they are usually only found in Chenter where the cities have been designed to house giants where they can comfortably live without causing unintended structural damage. Due to their intelligence, Ogres can be found working litterally anywhere ranging from working a diplomatic job like spokesperson, banker or office worker to jobs where their inhumane strength gives them an edge over work conditions such as sailing, construction worker and of course Juggernaut for the army.

Chai illith

Evantis and the surrounded realm was generally inhabited by elves primarily. One of the many elven races and the most common ones in Evantis are the chai illith, better known as wood elves. Wood elves are renowned for their extreme acuracy with bows and their natural ability to charm animals for their advantage. For the longest time, they were the greatest enemy of the linnesians as their lumberjacks would keep getting harassed by the animals that were charmed by them. After the alliance, it was revealed that they protected the forrests for their beliefs. Every tree is the home of a spirit and lumberjacks were not allowed in the forrest, every tree in their woods is to be left standing.

The chai illith have a massive ranger task force called the goldwood ranger corps wich excells in stealth, recon and long range encounters. The goldwood rangers are the best archers in the kingdom of Eventus and possibly the world, their speed, acuracy and range is unmatched and their ability to easily win animal allies to their side is what makes them fully dangerous. The wood elves have had a pact with the nature spirits. If they protected the trees and served nature they would be rewarded with powerfull natural healing, the ability to win animals for your side and summon a sentinel of nature. These sentinels were usually treants but sometimes they were big rock golems. The Goldwood rangers are super dangerous if they can fight in forests, that way they have access to all the animals they need and enough ground to create rock golems or treants to keep enemies at a distance or let the sentinels crush them all together.

Chai'illith are usually tribal looking. Due to their culture they wear excessive facial paint. Most of the wood elves have a hispanic sort of skin tone usually combined with a very bright eye color and dark hair colors, typically brown or black. Their big brightly colored eyes are what gives them their acuracy with more difficult to use weapons like regular bows and grapple hooks or hook blades. All wood elves have runic markings over their body that light up when they use a magic ability. They have the set ability of summoning a sentinel or treant to protect them but simply having an animal help them out in combat lights these markings up too.

For the most part though, the wood elves are a rather peacefull culture. Their bows are only ment for war as they do not hunt and despite the fact that they live in peace the rangers are still trained everyday. Their capitol Chai'enne is completely suspended in the trees and made out of treehouses connected by bridges. Chai'enne is the best place in the kingdom of Evantis to get your healing items as the wood elves are almost as skilled in alchemy as they are in archery. These potions are pink in color and rapidly heal the wounded at the cost of it causing an agonizing pain before fully healing. These potions are always carried by the goldwood corps rangers under their cloak to allow them to heal their animals or allies in combat rather quickly.

Lumiar Illith
The light elves of dracholm are known for one thing: Healing. There is no other civilization that has more of a focus on healing than the light elves of dracholm. Unlike other elves with natural magical affinities that result in passive abilities, the natural affinity of the light elves allows them to cast spells like no other race. Though there is a limitation on this power: it is limited to healing spells and water based magical spells.

The light elves look alot like the sun elves in terms of apearance. They both have very bright colored eyes and hair and a focus on beauty. Though unlike the sun elves, light elves are very androgenous and it's hard to tell the genders apart. Their hairstyle tends to be very different too with instead of it hanging loose they prefer to pull it back tightly and do not use facial paintings.

The light elves have a very limited army mostly consisting of a few medium armored offensive knights. 90% of their forces are healers though wich makes them very loved in Evantis.

Nature's sentinel
Sentinels are giant spirit like creatures made out of wood and stone. They can not be found in the wild. The only way to see or encounter one is to summon it. They can be summoned with the help of magic or passive elven abilities. They are extremely strong and resilient mostly due to their wooden skin but very susceptible to fire.

Barbed bears
Barbed bears are a species of predatory mammales native to the woods of dracholm. They are approximatly the size of a rhino with the strength to match. Unlike other bears, the barbed bear has no claws they can use in a fight but they do use their large beak to gnaw at enemies and their spiked tail to bat at enemies that get too close.

Ruler: Queen Moleth Ryelena.
The technology of the Evantis army is as high as it gets (in the setting) They posses catapults, scorpions and automatic crossbows that while having a having high damage and firerate can only really be used in close range, wich is why they are placed nearby or within the walls of Evantis or the may villages in the kingdom. The equipment of the army varies heavily depending on the class. Rangers use bows, blowpipes, crossbows and grappling hooks with lotusblades while giants or ogres in the army use heavy armor with heavy two handed.

The kingdom of Evantis has been inhabited by elves for a long time now. But only recently have they united into a big city. The kingdom is already thriving under the reign of the queen and all races are welcome in the city if they obey the laws, wich is expected to bea common thing around the continent. Evantis may perhaps be one of the first kingdoms to fully abolish religion and allow all races into their borders with no exception. While religion is not banned, most of the elves in Evantis seem more interested in the progress of science and technology rather than putting their faith into a god. While there are still churches dotting the city, the majority of elves dont use them anymore.
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#2PostSubject: Re: Elves of Evantis   Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:44 pm

The lore surrounding the Elves, Evantis, and their kingdom and culture will be taken forward to form the Elvish lore of the continent.

As for the added races, the Mifys will be considered to be taken forward as a playable species.

Fae are likely to exist in some way or another aswell.
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#3PostSubject: Hotfix: names of the royalties.   Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:32 pm

Queen Molleth Evantis
King Montagor Evantis (deceased)
Princess Valindra Evantis
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#4PostSubject: New race   Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:47 pm

Aqui Illith.
The water elves of Evantis are the most well known for their healing capabilities using both druidic and water based spells. Also, unlike the other elven species the water elves posses gills and fins between their fingers wich both allows them to reside under water as well as swim faster than other races. In addition to gills they also posses regular lungs to survive above water. They are a well known and common around the traveling elven kingdom. They typically have dark hair colors and bright eye colors along with a light blue skin tone with gills behind their ears and the obvious fins between their fingers as well as some fins on their body.
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#5PostSubject: Re: Elves of Evantis   

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Elves of Evantis
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