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 Castle Ravengard

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#1PostSubject: Castle Ravengard   Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:37 pm

Castle Ravengard:

Castle Ravengard:

Constructed Northwest in an open mountain valley near Ironhelm,this human fortress dates back to the first crusades constructed shortly after the death of the Prophet sometime ago during the Dark Era.Nicknamed after the famed first Inquisitor Lord Vesimir van Ravengaard.

The Castle is a formidable fortress with 2 sections of walls {The outer wall containing the small town that hold's the castle's servants and the garrison's families and the Inner Wall containing the Keep and other essential parts of the castle.} it has an underground tunnel system leading from the keep to two separate towers and also contains an underground vault built by dwarven architects at the start of the After Expansion age.This vault contains relics of the Church as well as serving as the backup armory should an enemy force break into the Inner wall.

In the past the Castle used to be the central headquarters of the Yvemian Church until it eventually moved to the more prosperous town of Arcadia,the old chapel is still maintained by an specially appointed bishop.

Today the Castle remains as the military headquarters of the Church,the main office of the Inquisition can be found here alongside the Knight commander of the Knights Raven {one of the many knight orders with oaths to the church.} It is also the emergency fortress should the Crimson Cathedral become unsafe for the Cardinal and Synod to remain there.

Despite it's defenses both man-made and natural,the fortress relies heavily upon food shipments from Arcadia due to how poorly crops grow in the tundra-like valley and travel from and to the Castle takes some time due to rough terrain.

It also serves as an resting point for travelers who dare to explore the mountains.
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Castle Ravengard
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