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 Valindra's Royal attire

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Valindra Evantis
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#1PostSubject: Valindra's Royal attire   Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:16 pm

Royal energy channeler. a staff that doubles as a halberd with it having a quite sharp point, an axe blade and a hook much like a regular halberd. Except that under the stabbing tip there is a large blue crystal that acts as her channeling medium. While this is a quite dangerous weapon it needs to be maintained constantly to keep it sharp. Some parts are replacable, specifically the axehead and the stabbing tip have to be replaced frequently.

Syiin royal light armor. Thick albeit tight sitting leather armor combined with multiple drapes and cloaks. The leather can help her resist attacks from very basic weapons such as daggers and knives. Most of the armor is brown combined with green gloves and boots. She wears a silk white vest, a green dress and a cloak that the rangers wear as well.

None, she only wears her leather armor wich is light enough to wear during travels.

Diamondback panther, a large feline roughly the size of a donkey that are a common mount among the elven army, typically rode by rangers. This specific one was gifted to her by one of the rangers in the army during the evacuation of Evantis. Diamondback panthers are lethal predators on their own but when rode by rangers they wont pounce targets. This particular panther is quite tame and does not attack at all.

The Evantis army flagship. Before the evacuation, a group of civilians and soldiers used the Evantis flagship along with the entire fleet to return home and search for help. The ships have never returned but they were told not to come back without help.

None, the elves of Evantis have no currency of their own due to the fact they had to abandon their home. Valnidra's royal treasures were taken along to sell them and bring up enough to support the traveling elves.

Not anymore.

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Valindra's Royal attire
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