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 The inexperienced ruler.

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Valindra Evantis
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#1PostSubject: The inexperienced ruler.   Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:34 pm

Name: Valindra Evantis

Race: Syiin Illith
Class: Mage, priestess (support)
Age: 23
Faction: Druidic dynasty
Alignment: Lawfull good


-Offensive support. Valindra has a number of spells to her disposal. Typically healing and buffing spells to help her soldiers take more damage if she can pay attention to them long enough. She uses a staff to dispense her buffs as well as cast spells to deal considerable amounts of damage.
-Beauty. Thanks to her natural sun elven beauty, she can have a lot of leverage over weaker minded races. Specifically humans or dwarves. This certainly doesnt always works and really depends on the situation.
-Tribal roots. Valindra's roots go back to the first sun elves who were tribal. This gives here the ability to use her staff as a meelee weapon with skillfull and acurately placed pokes that can stun or hurt an enemy in close range.
-Agility. Like many elves, Valindra is quite agile (for someone who spent most of her life being useless on a small throne next to her mother) and while not nearly as fast as elves trained in the ways of dexterity, she maintains the ability to run quite fast and as well as having a good grasp of timing on when to poke someone with the staff.

-Resilience. Valindra has a rather fragile frame and without much in the way of armor or dodging capabilities she is left vulnerable to damage when left alone. 
-Proximity. Valindra weakens with proximity, she is at her most powerfull at long range and at her weakest in medium range where her offensive spells are harder to use without hurting allies but still out of the range of her staff that she uses as a weapon.
-Overconfident. Despite having a good grasp of meelee combat when she is allowed to use her staff, she can easily be outskilled as she is not nearly as good as she hopes she is and oftenly overestimates herself by riding into combat instead of healing and buffing like she is supposed to do.


Magical affinity

With the atrocity of the elven slavery behind the back. The kingdom grew back to it's former lush, peacefull ways. The lineage of royalty began again and eventually one little elf would come out of this. Her name would be Valindra and despite her being a princess rather than a real ruler, she would later go on to do greater things beyond her wildest dreams (and capabilities).
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The inexperienced ruler.
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