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#1PostSubject: Linnesians   Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:06 pm

Race name: Linessian
Homeland: Linnesse
Subspecies: Human
Vanguard: Alleria


Physical abilities: None. The main strength of Linnesians is that they can train to fit any class or function. This versatility makes them a valuable force in all of dracholm.
Supernatural blessings: None. All humans can not posses supernatural blessings.
Panick abilities: Adrenaline flow. When in danger a Linnesian will get an adrenaline flow wich significantly increases their speed, strength and resilience while slightly reducing awareness.

Physical weaknesses: The main weakness of linessians is life expectancy. They can become roughly 80 if they remain in good shape, this makes it hard for linnessians to become highly skilled in more than one proffesion.
Supernatural defficiencies: None.


Culture: Linnesians have a very broad culture, but their main trait seems to be acceptance. Unlike certain other human races the Linnesians are very accepting and open to other cultures and races (despite softcore enslaving sun elves in the past). Out of all races, the Linnesians are the most distant to their god with roughly 60% of the Linnesian population being atheists. Their lands are ruled by king Erik Dragonheart, despite largely totalitarean the dracholmian lands are divided into several noble houses. The king has the job of keeping the noble houses in line.
Class advantages: All, linessians falter nor excell in any class.
History: For the longest time the Linnesians were a mostly neutral civilization that were mostly hostile to other species that werent Linnesians. They had a slave cast but it wasnt that bad (it mostly involved slaves to do administrative paper work that humans couldnt be asked to do, for the rest they were just considered regular citizens). It didnt last terribly long however, as heavy opposition and civil unrest caused the politicians to completely abolish it. Currently they are the largest lawfull good force in Jeslore, their teritory spans over all of dracholm.
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