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 Bruthradh Kingdom

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#1PostSubject: Bruthradh Kingdom   Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:44 am

The Kingdom which has recently claimed the city of Krulbrammud, they are led by a being called the "Dust Walker". A being that not many have seen or had the pleasure in meeting. They hungrily looked towards the nearby cities / territories of Mozgrot and Kro'llash. The Brutradh kingdom want to expand their territory and burn the Elves out of the lands. Their main goal is to seek the claim of Evantis.

*Will post Lore soon*
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#2PostSubject: Additional Lore info pt.1   Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:38 pm

-Past History-
Information about the leader is limited. He hasn’t been seen, only heard by his higher-ranking Overlords. He or she is known only by their actions and their strength with magic and their skill with a long cruel looking blade. Rumor has it that the Dust Walker lives within the Stronghold, Krulbrammud. Dust Walkers will is heard through his Overlords and Captains within the armies. The story of the Dust Walker came from the early beginnings of the early area around the first settlement of Krulbrammud. It used to be an early Elf settlement. No one really knows where the Orcs came from, they started to attack traders outside the city. Within days, more and more orcs soon showed up.

The Orcs soon started making small raiding parties along the docks of the city. These actions attracted the attention of the Lord of the city. Him and his generals were aware at how unintelligent the Orcs were. Yet, they were systematically picking at the trade routes of the city. Essentially cutting off any land route, forcing the city to use the docks as their only means of trade. Once they were forced to make these changes, the Orcs began to target the Docks by raiding parties. The Orcs would sneak in under the cover of night, and light the boats on fire within the harbor. The Lord of the city had to act quickly, he sent a battalion of troops from his city to fight the Orcs on land. He also sent his craftsman to build a Water Gate along the city Docks.

Defense towers were set along the newly built walls. Months later, the battalion that had been sent out to look for the Orcs, only a few come back. They told reports of tall being with blackened armor. Glowing green arms and the ability to use magic. There this being has been building a great army of not just Orcs but Uruks, trolls, and Necromancers. This newly acquired information was proof enough that there indeed was something or someone leading the evil within the lands. The Lord would beef up his defenses and prepare for the coming battle. Indeed, the battle soon started in the early morning, as the sun was rising over the horizon. Thousands of evil creatures met the eyes of the defends as they march towards the city.

The conflict began but it wouldn’t escape the Lords thoughts, there is something else in play. His fears were answered the follow days. The evil had laid siege to the city and have built siege towers that were built to take advantage of the high walls. The evil had taken the Western gate and the walls. Crossbow and Archers took advantage of all fleeing soldiers and civilians. Armored trolls were the force that lead the charge throughout the city, and the secret plan had come in two waves. The first wave were large war frigates that had catapults on them. They fired burning balls of oil dipped thatch that pelted the harbor, preventing the elves to flee. The second came from the ground, the Orcs and Uruks had dug their way into the sewer lines and took advantage of the pluming. The sprouted from the grounds and slaughtered everyone in their path.

The Dust Walker only made his appearance once within the battle. The being strolled up to the Lords house and butchered his family. Before the being killed the lord, he spoke to him, “Thank you for building defenses for my city. It was quite easy to encourage you to do so.” The lord realized that he had been tricked. The Dust Walker had used his fear against him, to fortify the city so that the being didn’t have too. There were 2 more days of fighting within the city until it fell under the control of the evil forces.

The forces of evil soon become known as Bruthradh . With the months to come, they grew in numbers. Weapons of war were created and armies within the city walls. These units would vary from large armored trolls, Uruk soldiers, orcs, beast siege weapons, catapults, war ladders, beast Calvary, hired mercenaries, and necromancers. With the growing army, there have been sightings of some of the surviving resides of the old city. These residents are slaves, digging trenches around the city. There have been raiding parties that had attacked the surrounding villages that are nearby the fallen city.

The culture of the Bruthradh is surrounded by war. War is a method to express and become more powerful within the Kingdom. The Orcs / Uruks / and Goblins are spawned and breed for only one purpose, war. They are trained from birth to kill and pillage all the enemies of the Kingdom. The styles of combat is more unique than simply charge out and kill your opponent. The styles of combat vary from defensive formations and blitzkrieg tactics. These styles are meant to overtake their opponents and drain their resources in a defensive strategy.

-Defense Strategies-
One of the main defensive strategies for the soldiers is the “Tortoise Formation” or Testduo Formation. These formations are shield formed walls that are used at the front lines, Flanks, and rear of the advancing armies. These tactics are also used when defending territories. These defensive strategies also expand to phalanx and crossbow maneuvers. These strategies are combined with the Testduo formation. With shield walls that have spears poking out from the shield wall and behind these walls of shields are crossbowmen. With pin point accuracy, they can pick off Calvary with great accuracy. With the spear wall able to slaughter Calvary in close range and the crossbowmen picking them off from a distance as they get close.

Within the defensive strategies defending their territory, it is much more aggressive. Traps lay waiting for anyone who crosses into their territory. Such traps are iron pike traps laced with animal feces. These traps are covered with a very thin leather covering. Dirt and leaves cover the tarp to help blend in to the surrounding. These traps cover entire outskirts of fortified cities, only captains and higher within the army know the path to avoid them.

Other strategies are mines that are scattered in specific positions. These mines are hand lit, these fuses are very long and can stay lit during light rain. These bombs are 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide, filled with explosive powder. These explosions will leave massive craters that scar the battlefield, forcing the enemy to break their formations. There are crossbowmen who cover the walls of the city, each crossbowman has two kinds of arrows. They use steelbolts or arrows, they also dip their arrows in oil and light them on fire. There are specific spots covered in oil behind the mines that are scattered around the city. These are to be ignited, filling the field around the city with noxious smoke, causing people to cough and their eyes to water and burn within the smoke.

-Blade Techniques-
These techniques are a mixture between longsword, single handed blades, spears, and Kusarigama. There are offensive techniques that are mixed with the shield. It can be both used as a offensive weapon and defensive weapon.

The (Longsword technique) is mixed with different variations. The guards for the blade are the “Ox Guard”, the “Roof Guard” (High and Low), the “Plow Guard” and “Fools Guard”. Each type of guard can be used to counter other longsword units.
The “Ox Guard” is when the sword hilt held to the side and slightly above your head, on the side of your back foot. The tip will point forward at your opponent's face. The Ox guard will defend against attacks coming from above and allow you to make quick thrusts from above. This can be mixed with Defensive abilities and offensive abilities.

 The “Roof Guard” it’s held sword tip up, pointing just slightly back. Your hands and hilt should be above your head. Alternatively, the hilt can be held at the side of your head. Unlike the Ox or Plow, the Roof guard does not protect by intercepting an oncoming blade. The Roof guard protects by being Offensive. If the opponent blindly charges in, the Roof guard allows you to make a quick and powerful downward stroke.

The “Plow Guard” In this guard, hold the sword hilt below your waist, with the tip pointed forward and up towards your opponent's face. The sword will always be on the side of the back foot, so in a right foot forward stance your hilt should be on the left side. Should you switch sides, merely pass forward or back. The Plow guard will defend the torso against attacks and allow you to make quick thrusts from below.
The “Fools Guard” The tip of your sword is held forward and down towards the ground. This guard gives the appearance that you are open to attack, hence it "fools" your opponent into attacking. There are many things you can do from this position, such as lifting the tip into a thrust, or stepping aside and cutting up into the arms of your opponent's downward strike. When standing in this guard the long edge faces the ground.
The (Katana Techniques) are done in three different forms. Each form has its own method in Defensive and Offensive strategies. There is also an element of psychological warfare within each technique. These blades are crafted and used within special forces on the Bruthradh Kingdom. Each stlye is taught to the Uruk once they come out of the spawning pool.

The Zikugg Technique, this technique employs the psychological factor, by using a sword with a longer hilt. In addition to providing the swordsman with greater power and stability, the high-stance of Zikugg, called Uthrash, was founded on the basis that the opponent would tend to look at the raised, more imposing, sword blade and fail to recognize the movement of the feet.
The Skurgnonak Technique, the name of this technique means, “One Sword.” The principles of this technique are based on a single, heavy blow to defeat one’s opponent. Fighting Arts states that the Skurgnonakryu has more than 150 individual skills, the majority of which are downward cuts along the center of the body.

The Dhugogar Technique This engages the katana and hand-to-hand style combat. A method to mix up combat techniques to be more spontaneous and hard to predict. These techniques are meant to be aggressive and quick when moving within enemy cities. It’s primarily used to get through as much people as possible and make way for the trolls.
The (Short Sword & Spear Techniques) are used for quick slashes and a mixture with the shield. These weapons are the primary weapons used for most of the grunts within the army. The style is used to counter enemy spears and swords.  Spears can be used in defensive and offensive strategies. There are many different techniques that are used to counter and defend against other weapons. The spear can take advantage of the short shorts as they have the range.
(Shield Techniques), are mostly a defensive weapon. However, there are techniques when using them in an offensive ability. The main purpose is to bend down low and have the large shield cover most of the body. The feet and part of the head. The weapon is held with the stronger arm, the spear or sword hangs over the shield. It can be used in combination of the shield as a counter attack after an opponent attack. The shield techniques are used for defensive and offensive. The shield is copper and iron laced on a wooden / ivory body. The shield is big enough to cover most of the body and the sword or spear techniques can be mixed within the styles.
Slavery is very common within the Kingdom. All other species that are defeated in combat are either killed or tossed into slavery. These slaves have no rights and are beaten almost daily. The slaves number in the thousands. The treatment of the slaves goes beyond just simple beatings. They’re forced to sleep on poorly made beds. These beds consist of just hay tossed on the ground. They always have iron collars on their neck, making it hard for the slave to run. The iron collar will bounce on the collar bone, giving the chance to break the bone.

The slaves have no real shelter. Tattered wooden shacks are built for the slaves and they aren’t the best houses. Poorly made, holes everywhere, and not water proof. The slaves at times are sent to the east pits as food. The races that live within the Kingdom are sold as slaves to anyone who wants to buy them. If none are bought, most die and some are born into slavery. Small slave towns have been created by the many slaves. This creates a benefit and a problem to the Kingdom. The slaves can live “comfortable” enough to keep down hostility. Though, this had led to the first “Slave War”. The first Slave War started 20 years after the fall of the Elf city, that is now known as Krulbrammud. Hundreds of slaves rose to challenge the Bruthradh Kingdom. The battle itself lasted 10 days. Many people died on both sides, but the Bruthradh Kingdom won because of numbers, weapons, and training.

The 10 Day War (Slave Rebellion):
The war or Rebellion began to brew once the slaves began creating their own shackled towns from wood scraps. Resentment against the Bruthradh Kingdom grew every day. The first stages of the war, there had been many attacks on supplies against the Bruthradh Kingdom. It had been obvious to the Captains of the Kingdom that the slaves were the ones sabotaging the supplies. A purge had been ordered, clearing out 100 slaves, all women. Children were all orphaned and forces to live in homes, crowded with other children. This fanned the flames of rebellion. Many men soon attacked a weapons depot and found the Bruthradh Kingdom. This conflict lasted 10 days until the Bruthradh Kingdom defeated the rebellion.
Units of the Bruthradh Kingdom
There are many species that live within the Bruthradh Kingdom. The Orcs, Goblins, Uruks, Trolls, Rock Giants, War Beasts, Necromancers, and the Shadow Soldiers. The Bruthradh Kingdom does contract themselves with mercenaries to do their dirty work. There are many different unit within each species as both are used for many different methods of war.

Goblins:  The goblins are one of the species that are used for Mountain range warfare. Known to understand navigating their ways within the mountains, they can prepare sneak attacks on travelers and scout out small towns within the mountains. They’re also used for swarm tactics in full scale ground warfare. The goblins, small in stature normally carry spears, swords, and bows / arrow.  They can scale walls of structures and gain the “high ground”, thus giving them a huge advantage when they rain down spears and arrows on their targets.

Orcs: They’re more muscular than their Goblin counter parts. Their armor is thicker as they are the frontline troops as well. They’re the muscle within the frontlines. These soldiers carry the shields, spears, short swords, longswords, archers, katana’s, and the Kusarigama. They are one of the main soldiers used within the army, besides Uruks.

Uruks: They’re slightly bigger than Orcs and more muscular. They are part of the frontlines and reinforcements. They have thicker armor than Orcs and their weapons are sharper. They use longswords, spears, katana, crossbows, bows & arrows, and are known to use toxins within their weapons to cause additional pain.

Trolls: These 12-foot-tall beasts are the tanks of the army. They are covered in thick armor, tougher than Uruk armor. They’re known to carry spiked iron clubs or large cruel looking blades. They are also known to carry large iron hammers, used in breaking down small doors. These beasts aren’t very intelligent but they are loyal to the Dust Walker. They seek the blood of any enemy of the Kingdom.

Mountain Giants: These 20 foot beats are the larger “tanks” of the army. They primarily are used to breakdown smaller gates and/or to throw large boulders are the enemy frontlines/defenses. They’re slightly more intelligent than trolls but not by much. They don’t wear much armor, which makes them vulnerable to attack. Though, its hide is thick and it will take many arrows to take it down.

Siege Beasts: These beats are like giants but they’re mainly used to carry large siege catapults on their back. They’re far uglier and their hide is much thicker than giants. They have no armor and can easily traverse any terrain. Thus, this type of catapult is favored over other siege weapons. They can place these weapons in hard to reach places and bombard enemy positions. There are also known to use ammo consisting of large ballista weaponry. Massive iron arrows that can chip away enemy defenses or other large beasts. There are also Elephants, large creatures that are used on the frontline, behind the main force. These large beast have structures on their back that hold 30 archers and a single man controlling the beast.

Wyverns/Drakes: The Air force of the Kingdom. These beasts have been raised from birth and marked by the Dust Walker. These Drakes are mainly used for dive bomb tactics, focusing on enemy siege positions and large groups of enemy soldiers. The Wyverns, much smaller and faster. They mainly focus on enemy air units and they use tactics in a 3 on 1 fight. These beasts are all intelligent and are loyal to the Dust Walker. Since they’re marked at birth, they will die for the Kingdom.

Subterranean Wurms: These wurm like creatures are used to burrow into the ground and build tunnels towards enemy positions or cities. These creatures can grow extremely large in length and size. They also come in many varied species and they aren’t an intelligent species. Thus, made it very easy to “Mark” these creatures at an early age and use them for the Kingdom.
Necromancers: These undead elves were brought back by the Dust Walker. Their primary job is to bring up the dead of the enemy, by reanimating the skeletons of their fallen comrades. These skeletons are very weak and are meant to be fodder. Theses necromancers can’t really talk outside their magical incantations. They only serve the Dust Walker.

Hands of Shadows: These are humans taken at birth, beaten and brainwashed into serving the Dust Walker. They have been endowed with abilities to use the shadows and have been given a unique weapon. There are six in total and each has their own purpose. They are considered the voice of the Dust Walker and lead the armies into battle, and occasionally in diplomatic situation, if any happen.
Weapons of the Kingdom
-Siege Weapons-
Mines: These weapons can be placed as defensive weapons and offensive weapons. They can be placed at the bottom of walls and explode, causing massive damage. These weapons must be hand carried and lit by a torch.

Trebuchets: These massive siege weapons can hurl large boulders or flaming thatch balls to burning buildings within the burning thatch balls. The other ammunition, boulders, can also be used to destroy other siege placements, buildings, and damage walls.

Siege Towers: These towers are taller than most walls, they have a hatch that opens and latches onto walls. It can hold up to 100 soldiers. These towers are made to flood troops along the walls and put pressure on soldiers, making them focus on the walls and not the incoming ground troops. These towers are pushed by 6 trolls.

Ballista: These large moving siege weapons can fire large iron bolts. Each bolt is connected to a chain. A rack is used to pull it back. It can be used to tear down archery towers, doors, and pull up metal ladders along enemy walls.

Battering Rams: These came in two kinds. There is the large battering ram that is meant for the most fortified gate, breaking into the initial fortress or city. These massive battering rams are so large that they need to be pulled by large beasts and pushed by Mountain Giants. The Mountain Giants are the ones that operate the massive battering ram. The smaller version is carried by soldiers, taking down much smaller doors.
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#3PostSubject: Additional Lore info pt.2   Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:05 pm

-Naval Fleet-
Frigates: These are the largest ship within the naval forces. These ships can reach up to 140 meters long. One these ships are mini catapults, two on the front and two on the back. They’re built on a swivel, so they can aim in the needed direction. These ships can hold up to 100 Orcs and Uruks. All armed to the teeth. These ships are reinforced with Iron and redwood, providing a thicker defense against ramming and fire arrows
Raiding Boats: These boats are much small, 40 meters in length. They can move much faster and hold Orcs and Uruks on board. These boats can ram others, since they have an Iron front that is connected to the wooden boat. The soldiers on the boats have axes, swords, and bows/arrows. They also can use fire arrows to target sails on other ships.
Support Frigates: These ships, 80 meters in length. Are much smaller than the main ships. They only have 2 swivel mini catapults. However, the ammunition is different. It fires lighten thatch oil “balls” towards its enemies. It is reinforced with iron and redwood to give it the additional defense
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#4PostSubject: Additional Lore info pt.3   Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:26 am

-Ranking System-
The Kingdom has a set of 5 ranks within the army. Each has their duties and jobs to do within the army. The respect of the higher rank is required by how to get there is “whatever goes”. The rule, you keep what you kill, is hold at the highest regard. The best and smartest fighter within the Kingdom earns their way through the ranks. You must kill your way to the top and once you leave your old rank, someone will fight and kill for it.

Grunts: These are the bottom of the barrel, the globs, the shmucks, and the “worst”. They’re the ground work of the military.

Captain: The captains oversee a company of soldiers. Though, the captain come in three tiers. The higher the tier, the more soldiers they command and the more authority they have.

War chiefs: These are the generals of the army, in charge of many captains and lead their armies into battle. They either instruct from a distance or fight among their brethren on the battlefield.

Overlords: These are rulers over cities within the Kingdom. There is only 1 per city and they’re in charge of everything. They only speak directly to their War chiefs or with the Hands of Shadow.

Hands of Shadow: The rank only between the Dust Walker and Overlord. These elite are trained specifically with their own unique weapons. They speak only for the Dust Walker and pass his word down to the Overlords. They only appear on the battlefield during important siege efforts.
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#5PostSubject: Additional Lore info pt.4   Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:00 pm

-Additional Lore-

There are others that server the Dust Walker. They don’t hold absolute loyalty but are hired by the Dust Walker.  There are mercenaries that are hired by the Kingdom to do their bidding in the surrounding lands. To commit such acts where the armies of the Kingdom of Bruthradh. They are a faction within the Kingdom, humans that fight for the Dust Walker. Humans who are kidnapped at infant age and there are some that are taken from the slave population. These humans are trained and brainwashed to work for the Dust Walker. They are given unique armor that stands out from the rest of the army. These soldiers haven’t been used in combat yet, but they’re being groomed for the next wave towards the next objective.

These humans are called the Borug by the Orcs and Uruk. Borug is the name meaning “Slave that Kill”. There is heavy resentment between the Human army and the Orcs and Uruk, they generally don’t like each other but they all fight in the name of the Dust Walker. There have been few instances that the Ocs / Uruks have gotten into fights with the Borug. Since the humans have been trained so aggressively, they match the ferocity of the Orcs/Uruks. All the fights have been stopped by the Captains and pushed by the War Chiefs. These issues stay primarily with the Borug and the Orcs/Uruk, as the two don’t like each other.

Which is one of the reasons why they stay on opposite sides of the battlefield when conducting operations. The humans aren’t branded like most slaves, they’re one of the spies that are released onto the world. They normally go alone but are sometimes with their brethren as rangers or mercenaries. In fact, they only show up before the said attack on specific targets.
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Bruthradh Kingdom
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