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 Vicyeth Pettalocks

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Vicyeth Pettalocks
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#1PostSubject: Vicyeth Pettalocks   Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:54 pm

Name: Vicyeth Pettalocks
Race: Aqui Illith
Class: Mage
Age: Unknown
Faction: Freelance medic (Not alligned)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral



-Paranormal babysit. Vicyeth's parents always knew she was stupid. Before they passed away her intelligence hasnt improved much so they blessed her with a supernatural presence that was supposed to watch over her safety. This entity would be bound to her and has been tasked with protecting Vicyeth by casting lethal combat spells she has for her. Ultimately this boils down to automatically casting spells she knows herself but refuses to use herself. This also drains from her own resources.
-Expert mage. Despite rarely casting lethal spells on her own. Vicyeth has many spells to her disposal. She uses the healing spells herself but the spirits protecting her will use lethal spells for her if she is ever in danger, these are not casted by herself though but by an entity that she has been blessed with, spells casted by the entity are of equal power as that of Vicyeth, they are simply casted for her.
-Luck of the blessed. A passive trait Vicyeth has gotten from her supernatural babysit is a boost in luck. She can mindlessly run through a dungeon, singing cheerfully and setting every trap off and still never get hit by any of the contraptions ment to kill her. This is a weird trait that is almost unexplainable.

-Perception. Vicyeth has no lower perceptions than anyone else really... She is just noisey and chooses to pay little attention to her surroundings. Most of the time she is either singing loudly, cheerfully hopping around or loudly raiding a ruin. She is also incredibly clumsy, again this is not really due to a physical disability but rather because she gets bored and disinterested fast.
-Dumbest elf in existance. Vicyeth is infamous for her stupidity, she oftenly does things other normal people would never even dare think of and somehow makes it out okay. Of course, due to this stupidity she cn get into trouble over it. She oftenly sets off traps, attract attention and generally cause trouble.
-Electricity. Electric magic attacks can bypass her lucky streaks and moreover deal extra damage to her perpetually humid skin. All water elves have this disabililty and Vicyeth is no exception.


-Supernatural babysitter. An entity that is supposed to watch over Vicyeth's safety. Ultimately this spirit does not do much except for casting the combat spells that Vicyeth refuses to cast. It also grants her a luck boost but has no real effects on her combat capabilities.

Vicyeth like many other water elves, originated from the sea. She has brought her water based magic to the lands wich is why she always carries a number of canteens containing water. She was cast out of the cities by her own people for causing various amounts of structural damage and thus has found her way to land. She know roams the lands raiding every temple healing anyone she comes across.
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Vicyeth Pettalocks
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