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 Uriel Tiber.

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Uriel Tiber
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Paladin of Yvemis
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#1PostSubject: Uriel Tiber.   Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:25 am

Name: Uriel Tiber

Species: Human
Class: Paladin

Age: 34
Faction: Yvemis Church/Kingdom of Vistulia
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.



  • Manipulation
  • Adept in Light/Holy magics.
  • Educated.
  • Well versed in Law,medicine,theology and to a  small degree Alchemy.
  • Well trained in Swordsmanship.


  • Celibate:Struggles to interact with women.
  • Poor skill in archery.
  • Strict and stubborn in most of his dealings.
  • Ambition leads to ruthless actions.
  • Fear of spiders {15% Damage debuff to spiders/spiderlike creatures}


Steel chest-plate adorned with the sigil of the the church.
1x Blessed Steel sword.
Copy of Yvemis Codex.
Personal Journal.

Minor skill in Light/Holy magics being able to channel it in combat.

Hailing from an peasant village Northeast from Ironhelm,born in an struggling family that struggled to keep food on the table after Uriel's father died of an illness.He looked up to his older brother who would at many times defend young Uriel against the abuse of his mother.

One day knights of the Church passed through the village on a mission to recruit some of the local population for a quest,Uriel was offered to the bishop that travelled with the knights to which the Knight-Commander accepted becoming the new adoptive father of his 8 year old aide.As the years passed Uriel was taught by the church,he was able to read and write just like the nobles and merchants did and his piety rivaled that of his master.

Then with little warning his master was ordered by the local high bishop to a suicide mission,his master never returned and the bishop took control of this fief.This made Uriel realize how corrupt the core of the Clergy is and he vowed to wipe that slate clean,to reshape the clergy to what it was to him.....A beacon of hope.

{This history may change quite a few times}
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Uriel Tiber.
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