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 Ral Zavosh, Raid Captain of the South

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#1PostSubject: Ral Zavosh, Raid Captain of the South   Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:33 am

Name: Ral Zavosh

Race: Human

Age: 28
Faction: Self
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Excellent Mounted Combatant
Excellent Swordfighter
Very fast
Very strong

Reckless in combat
Doesn't command his troops in battle, save for a few rare occasions.
Leaves himself vulnerable in fights
Not the most intelligent


Two short swords
A spear and shield


Born in 84 AE, Ral Zavosh was always a fighter, and not a nice one. At a young age, he already began to get in fights, killing for the first time at the age of eighteen. He fled his home, stealing his father's spear and shield, setting out on his own. He stole a horse soon after, and practiced on bandits and lone soldiers until he was a savage fighter. He was taken in to a bandit roup as a lower end fighter, until he worked his way to the head of the band.

he is now Ral Zavosh, the Raid Captain of the South. For nearly five years, his band of cavalry has harass trade routes and professional troops often, earning himself a reputation and a large following. Now, he has put his free roaming and raiding days behind him, instead choosing to lead a force of nearly 300 cavaliers in mercenary work, fighting in his own way for the highest bidder, although he refuses to work for elves, thinking them pompous and arrogant.
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Ral Zavosh, Raid Captain of the South
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