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 The First Empire. {Demorian Empire}

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#1PostSubject: The First Empire. {Demorian Empire}   Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:11 pm

As the mortal races scrambled to form their first tribal towns and villages,the Elves who where among the first races to set foot upon this world used the knowledge they stole from the first dragons to create an thriving advanced society,as their borders grew they conquered tribe after tribe effectively turning the once proud populations of the "Lesser" races into slaves states,it was here where writing was taught by the Elder races in order to make their slaves more effective at understanding their tasks and even allowed some to take administrative positions allowing the Elder races to profit off their labour.

This marked the "Age of Decadence" where at the time the Empire's borders encompassed 78% of the continent's landmass.Their military was unmatched forging the basics of tactics still used today......Their power and influence could be felt everywhere and they established the first currency system abolishing the primitive trade system practiced by many at the time.

It seemed as if the Empire would have been eternal then without warning an great earthquake shook the capital that was situated on an coastal hill,the hill gave way and the legacy the elder races built was dropped into the brackish waters of the Demorian Coast.Their empire soon fractured due to infighting over what remained alongside uprisings from the enslaved "Lesser races".Soon the remains of the Empire's forces would falter to different warlords forming their own city states,while the former enslaved races parted ways to build their own kingdoms.

The majority of these kingdoms where human and built upon feudal ideals,this form of government would remain popular in contrast to the republic the Demorian Empire exercised,all that would remain of the empire today is the legacy of ancient abandoned ruins,texts and of course the hatred they embedded upon the Elder races {Elves & Dwarves mostly} by the younger races.With most of their capital in an man-made reef that makes traversing the Demorian Coastline dangerous to inexperienced sailors and an profitable endevour for scholars hoping to decode ancient Demorian secrets.
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#2PostSubject: Re: The First Empire. {Demorian Empire}   Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:42 pm

This lore will be worked in with the history of the Elves of Evantis, and the history of the continent's past.
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The First Empire. {Demorian Empire}
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