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 Dead Forest Lore

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#1PostSubject: Dead Forest Lore   Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:23 pm

The Dead Forest is what remains of the vast Thornberry trees that once littered the Thorn Isle. The unique qualities of the berries made excellent wine as well as being an ingredient sought after for medicinal purposes. The berries were a deep blue in colour which may explain the eerie blue hue of mist that surrounds the forest now, and the blue light that glows from the dead eyes of the former inhabitants. The soulless wander in the forest with little direction, only the thought of devouring lost travellers. It is said that the Dead Forest has become a prominent location for those dabbling in the dark arts to pilgrimage to and perform dark rituals, hoping to harness the energy that surges from the very core of the island itself. There are rumours spreading across Vallos that great powers are rising in the forest, powers that cannot be contained for long, yet any man who has dared venture into the forest to investigate has never returned.
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Dead Forest Lore
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