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 Freehaven Lore

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#1PostSubject: Freehaven Lore   Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:31 pm

The Merchant Lords-
The six Merchant Lords of Freehaven are men who have built themselves up through dedication and talent to become the richest and most profitable of all men in Freehaven and even in all of Vallos. The Lords sit on a council that meets in the Council Chamber to discuss the affairs of the city and survey the rogues and wanderers that frequent the Quayside. One of the prominent Merchant Lords is Lord Quentin Appleby, the head of the Appleby family who are famous for their trade of fine garments and rare materials such as silk.  


Trade District- Daggen Square is the centre of the Freehaven Market housing the best stalls in the city and an array of goods that arrive on weekly shipments down on the Quayside. The Daggen Market is held five days a week and is an opportunity for all the businesses in the city to sell to passing travellers and to their dedicated local customers.

High District- The High District is where the richer citizens of the city live, including the six merchant lords that control the city and are amongst the richest men in all of Vallos. They live in grand townhouses demonstrating success in their business endeavours. The Council Chamber, a proud building that acts much like a city hall, sits in the centre of the High District.

Common District- This is where the regular citizens of the city live. The Common District is a crowded, labyrinth like place, with small alleyways and streets. Built upon the Warrens, the Common District is a place that never sleeps. This is the main area for illicit activity to occur and is as far as most criminals dare to venture outside the warrens. The people here are content and hard-working, happy with whatever small homes they possess.  

The Warrens- The Warrens were built as a defensive measure when Freehaven was founded. The warrens provide alternative access to the city in the event of a siege and can also be used as a means of escape. The intricate passages of the warrens have made it a hub for criminal activity and illegal goods are smuggled into the city through the warren’s hidden entrances. It is thought that the warren’s criminal life survives with bribery of the merchant soldiers, not that this could be proven.

Quayside- The Quayside is the main port of Freehaven where the shipments of goods from all across Vallos are docked and unloaded. The Quayside is a place of constant activity with travellers and fortune seekers arriving as frequently as the goods. For anyone searching for adventure or fortune, the Quayside is certainly the best place to start in meeting like minded and skilled people to help you out.
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Freehaven Lore
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