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 Shadowholme Lore

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#1PostSubject: Shadowholme Lore   Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:41 pm

Formerly The Thorn Isle
Over a decade ago, the Thorn Isle was a rich and prosperous island overseen by the vassal lords of House Blackthorn. They made their vast wealth from the Thornberries that grew natively on the island, allowing them to produce wines and other unique goods to be sold all over Vallos. However one day, a terrible curse fell upon the land rendering it lifeless and infertile, destroying all prosperity House Blackthorn once had as well as causing the deaths of all but one of their family. The source of the curse is still largely unknown, having rumours of a betrayal from within the family caused by dark magic. 
Not only is the land itself derelict and corrupt, but the former citizens are now forsaken ghouls that wander the dead forests of the island. Their skin rots and their eyes glow blue with the dark energy of the land, but they are merely a shell of their former selves holding no memories or feelings. Any living being that delves into the forest will be hunted and attacked by these ghouls. Once a year, during an event known as The Desolation, the souls of Shadowholme are empowered by its fluctuating energy and stray across the sea to ravage any passing ships or coastal settlements.
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Shadowholme Lore
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