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#1PostSubject: Lycanthropy   Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:40 pm

The origins surrounding this curse has long since faded into history,this curse has been rooted in folklore stretching as far back as the Elvish Empire of old.Rumored to have been an curse placed by the "gods" or the god while others claim it to be an magical disease unleashed by mad wizards.Whatever the case may be those affected by it transform into wolven murderers driven by a mad lust for blood.Whilst being an similar case to Vampirism,Lycanthropy is far less subtle with the afflicted being categorized into 4 sub-variants.

  • Beta:Beta's suffer from chronic transformations triggered usually by a full moon or under moments of extreme stress.Upon transformation the beta would actively hunt prey for the duration of the night or until it's bloodlust is satisfied,when this period passes the beta would awake in human form unaware of the horror's it did as an creature of the night only having vague memories in the form of nightmares.

  • Alphas:Alpha's remain in wolf form having been consumed by bloodlust usually in packs of four led by an Omega,these creatures are significantly stronger then Beta's and many unprepared hunters have fallen to the deadly claws of an pack.Alphas are however intolerant of bright light which blind's their sensitive night vision making them nocturnal creatures at best. 

  • Omegas:Leaders of a pack usually of female stock,Omegas are considered one of the more dangerous creatures one can face at night,usually more timber wolf in color compared to the brownish furs of the other variants.Is known to be twice as powerful and cunning compared to an regular Alpha 

  • Lycans {Playable Class:Note Rare and hard to obtain}: Few actually master and control their feral nature,these few are known as "True Lycans" having the ability to shift between forms at will,however one must not underestimate their willpower for these few are locked in an constant battle to banish their inherent bloodlust,those who fail enter stages of beserker rage losing all control over their actions much to their dismay...and even more so to their allies.

Thanks to local werewolf hunters and the combined might of the Church's inquisition,these creatures have been rooted from the major towns and cities of the continent in the past.Given the high morality rate of the afflicted dying during their first transformation makes the disease an minor threat in the eyes of many doctors and healers more concerned with combating plagues and flues.-Extract from "Beasts of the Night" by Raymond Gilly.

"I've tracked a Beta hiding among the population of Portside,the afflicted individual has learned of his "ailment" and has fled my pursuit for almost a week.Two bloody murders later he has finally trapped himself in an isolated cottage outside the main town,I've given the illusion of having lost his trail by blaming the murders on some other local beast and it seemed to have worked. I've prepared my silver blade and said prayers to Yvemis to guide my holy mission,the sun will set in an few minutes time,under the cover of night I shall approach the cottage and end this cycle of death.Pray that I do not fail." -Extract from the Journal of Illian Stormcrow,former Yvemis Paladin and famed monster hunter. 
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