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 The Shop System

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#1PostSubject: The Shop System   Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:15 pm

Store Concept:
The store will be where players can purchase many things. Each kingdom will have its own store located within their own respected districts. Each Shop district will have its specific goods and you might have to travel to get the goods you seek. Within the shops, there will be many categories. Each category is the same but the level / pricing / quality will be different in each city. The categories will be as followed Weapons, Armor, ammo, Steeds, herbs, magical items, and ships. There will be exchange centers within each kingdom, if you don’t have the right currency. There will be someone there to help you get what you need.

These will vary from Swords all the way to knives. Each Kingdom will have its specific weapons and you might have to travel to another kingdom to get the weapon that you want. Everything will be varied by which Kingdom you visit. You can also get your weapons enhanced, for a fair price.

The gear will vary from light armor, medium armor, and Heavy Armor. The Kingdom will have armor that is common within the city. You might have to travel to a different city to get what you want. You can also get your armor enhanced, if you have the coin.
Since arrows aren’t unlimited, you would have to purchase what you need within the store. You will also have to purchase any small throwable bombs that you might have used or any other bolts/arrows you would have used.

Need a ride? Then this is just for you. Depending on the beasts of creatures that live within the area, you can purchase one of them as a noble steed! Remember, to get something you really want, you might have to travel to another city to get it.

These can be purchased depending on the environment around the city. Each territory has its own floral life and you will have to travel long distances to get what you need. These can be used to make potions or other healing items. Maybe you need bait for a specific monster to tame or kill. Maybe you need to make potions or…. dare I say, poisons!

Magical Items:
For the Magic lover only! If you need specific runes or other items to give you that boost. This is the place for you! Here will be specific items that are only found within each kingdom you visit. As the use of magic is different in every region.

Each ship will vary in size and in price. You can order a ship to be made or purchase whatever is available. Each kingdom has its own style of ship construction, so choose wisely. Each has its own stats and abilities based on its type / weapons.
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The Shop System
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