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 The Quest System

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#1PostSubject: The Quest System   Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:35 pm

Quest Concept
Quest come in categories and will give out different rewards. The quests come like this; Weekly, Weapon Quests, Bounty Quests, Dungeon Quests, Event Quests, Season Plot Quests, Skirmish Quests, Series Quests, and Training Quests.

Weekly Quests:
Weekly quests are events that can be only done once per person. Each event gives out specific rewards and be completed either by yourself or with another person. No more than four people can participate at a time with the Quest. Remember, the more people, the harder the quest becomes, and the bigger reward payout.

Weapon Quests:
These quests are to find weapons left over by the old kingdom. These weapons and their buffs will be scaled to your weapon and the difficulty will be set to your level. You must do these quests alone as it is your character who must earn these weapons.

Bounty Quests:
These quests are the “farming” quests. Farming is a way to gain gold, experience, and notoriety. Each quest can be either killing a band of Orcs to bandits that have a price on their head. These quests vary from Kingdom. Each will be posted in their respected places and a total of four players can participate within these quests.

Dungeon Quests:
These quests don’t happen as often as the more common quests. These quests will have level requirements and party requirements. The payouts all depend on the quests level requirements. The Dungeon all have a boss at the end that needs to be beaten and the creature/boss turns will be posted. The rewards will varied with Gold, exp, weapon drops, armor drops, and other goodies.

 Event Quests:
These quests are rarer than Dungeon Quests. Certain events within the storyline will be posted and/or will have nothing to do with the storyline. They might be a side story that will yield a lot of rewards, including massive EXP drops. Many people can participate within these quests. Staff will be the ones who control the events. These quests will sometimes have level requirements but not all the time.
Season Plot Quests:
These quests are related to the storyline. Each thread will be labeled as such, “Story Quest” and list if it’s a battle or other event. These can vary to minor payouts to massive payouts. These quests will shape the world and possibly lead to territory being lost or gained.
Skirmish Quests:
These quests small conflict battles between Kingdoms or factions. These will be posted once small fights begin. The rewards will also be posted and anyone can join these quests. They can pick a side to support or make their own side.
Series Quests:
Series quests are subplots that are posted within each city. Each could involve minor plots within each city, depending on what is happening within the city. These quests won’t always be posted and will cycle every 2 weeks. Each will have heavy payouts in rewards and notoriety.
Training Quests:
These quests are personal quests. They can be to train your characters skills or spar with another. You can only do these quests 3 times every 2 weeks. Depending how much effort you put into your training quest, it will payout that much. You can focus on traits or exp, this must be stated within the title. For an example “ [ Training Quest: (*place Characters Name*) Exp ].
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The Quest System
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