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 Aradith Blackthorn

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Aradith Blackthorn
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#1PostSubject: Aradith Blackthorn   Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:02 pm

Name: Lady Aradith Blackthorn

Race: Human
Class: Swordsman

Age: 28
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral Good



-Adept at two-handed combat
-Can gain guidance from her prophetic visions. 
-Recieved a noble upbringing making her educated. 
-Some experience at sailing. 

-Her visions are inaccurate and difficult to decipher. The visions cause her immense pain and can leave her unable to act for differing periods of time, meaning this can be very debilitating in battle.
-She has a drinking problem.
-The deaths of her family and her survivor's guilt means she finds it difficult to trust others and make alliances, she can be quite hostile. 


Aradith has clairvoyance, receiving visions of future events. These visions tend to be more like flashes of images and are only of a potential future, meaning that events Aradith sees in her visions can be altered by her own actions and that of others. She is not very in control of her visions or good at interpreting them, sometimes they are more a hinderance than a blessing. 

Alaric- Father (Deceased)
Olyvia- Mother (Deceased)
Casimir- Elder Brother (Deceased)
Gideon- Younger Brother (Deceased) 

Aradith was born on the Thorn Isle, the second child and only daughter of Lord Alaric Blackthorn and his wife Olyvia. Aradith, raised closely with her two brothers Casimir and Gideon, displayed impressive skills in combat from an early age, even exceeding the skills of her brothers. In her adolescence she developed an affinity for adventure, often joining her father on trading exports to cities across Vallos. On one such adventure Aradith found herself lost in the forests of the Thorn Isle and awoke in Blackthorn Tower several days later with no recollection of what had happened. From that day forward her life was irreversibly changed. Her mind became infected with visions of potential future events, none clear enough to fully decipher, but powerful enough to plant seeds of doubt and fear in the dark corners of her mind. 

Aradith is the sole member of House Blackthorn to have survived the destruction of the Thorn Isle and now lives in Freehaven. She survives with money made from the rare remains of her families famous Thornberry wine (a supply that is soon to run out). In order to suppress her visions she has taken to drinking. Ivy, the ancestral sword of House Blackthorn (that her father had proudly gifted to her), sits in the corner gaining dust.
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Aradith Blackthorn
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