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 Silas Reed

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Silas Reed
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The Rogue of Freehaven
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#1PostSubject: Silas Reed   Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:13 pm

Name: Silas Reed

Race: Human
Class: Rogue

Age: 32
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Neutral


Silas is an agile fighter, making use of his dexterity to dodge and weave through his opponents defenses, delivering fast strikes with daggers and throwing knives.
Silas is a smooth talker, well-versed in persuasion and lying. He can barter prices extremely well and make a man believe almost anything he has to say.

Silas lacks in the physical strength that fighters hold, having to rely on speed rather than brute force in his fighting.
Silas is quite well-known for being untrustworthy, especially around Freehaven, giving him a bad name whenever he tries to make serious deals.


Silas has no magical power, but excels naturally in agility and persuasion.

Raised in Freehaven by a smuggler father and stay-at-home mother, Silas' early life was rather uneventful. His family was never rich nor poor, instead living that halfway point all their lives until his parents died of old age. Whilst there was no tragic cause for Silas' need for adventure, he is instead spurred by being tired of mundane life. His attitude now lies in the area of not caring at all about responsibility or life in general. He would happily sail for eternity and risk life in jail than settle down and die as an old man. 
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Silas Reed
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