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 The dangers of the sea

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#1PostSubject: The dangers of the sea   Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:03 pm

I had the idea of npc's on sea areas that are hostile. Such as sea monsters on old maps (Here be monsters) and haunted pirate ships that harass the ship trade. One specific ship was an idea for a char of mine but due to it causing a major shitstorm and it needing some finetuning i let it go. Though it wouldnt be a bad idea for an event. A ship that is much like the flying dutchman of pirates of the carribean sailed by a small woman named Kat Kheylana (Who will not be controlled by me but by the admins/mods) that has been cursed to roam the seas until she can find a way to lift the curse and free herself of her binds to the sea. One night per year she may attack on land and throughout the summer and spring and the day of night of the winter alone she may attack other ships freely assuming they havent covered the ship in dirt to exploit her curse of not being able to enter land. During the autumn she may not attack at all under any circumstances. It doesnt have to be Kat either, it might just as well be a generic pirate captain. Another idea i had was sea monsters like the kraken and sea dragons that attack ships within a certain teritory during the summer. (would they hibernate? perhaps not but it could be a good explanation for why they wouldnt attack during the winter).
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The dangers of the sea
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