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 Organization templates (subject to change)

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Staff#1PostSubject: Organization templates (subject to change)   Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:43 pm

There are 4 types of organization a player can choose from when submitting their own: Street gang, Militia, Civil guard and Cults. These types dictate the general demographic of npcs the organization has (Street gang has thieves, Militia has soldiers, Civil guards have warriors and Cults have clerics and low tier mages) These organization types are influenced by combat presence, preference and aproach by it's demographic and the way the faction is run. Story decisions (or player preference) can influence what the organization evolves into. There are 3 tiers to each organization and it will level up with amounts of clash rps and writers in the organization (threshold will increase as the site grows if it does). Organization types do not dictate what characters can join this group and the drawbacks and strengths are completely artificial. Players are still free to add their own characteristics to their groups.

Ranks and their properties:

Tier 1
-Street gang. Disgruntled or poor individuals that have united to make a living through crime.

Tier 2
-Bandit crew. Brawny cut throats that answer to their boss, they typically make their homes in caves or rough neighboorhoods.

-Criminal organization. Shady companies that hide right under the noses of the law. While they do have a large amount of personnel they prefer to conduct 'bussines' rather than start a fight.

Tier 3
Bandit crew:
-Hitman office. Hitman offices are an organization that have highly trained individuals for hire, typically trained in the art of stealth to dispatch high profile targets for an equally high price. They do not hold teritory and dont have a base either meaning they can not be rooted out by attacking the core.

-Marauders band. Trained and dangerous criminals or mercenaries that are hired or loyal to their warlord. They pillage and plunder under the command of the warlord that has raised it from the ground. They can hold teritory but cannot take cities or settlements.

-Mercenary brotherhood. Trained soldiers or military dropouts that while shady lend their strength to the highest bidder while sharing their profits with the rest of the organization. Their tactics and ethics are questionable at best but their abilities are often highly reccomended.

Criminal organization:
-Maffioso. Serious career criminals that prefer to conduct bussines but are known for cruelty and brutality when others fail to complete their side of the bargain. Maffioso are mostly passive and do not pick fights but they are very teritorial and tend to be very influential in large cities. They typically get their money from bussineses they protect.

-Syndicate. A syndicate is a nigh on criminal army that has taken residence in a medium to large city and oftenly has the mayor/ruler of said city in their pocket to go along with their criminal bussines within certain limits. Syndicates have their own bussineses set up and civilians often fund it without realizing it. As well as making their money with export.

-Pirate empire. Pirate empires much like syndicates or maffioso are a rather passive force that dont usually pick fights with the lawkeepers in the city they take residence is (oftenly even protecting it). They make most of their funds by targetting trade routes and attacking ships that are not siginificant to them. Unlike pirate fleets pirate empires can not hold teritory outside cities.

Tier 1
-Militia. Trained soldiers that have united to make a say or leave a mark in their area. Trained, armored and deadly, militia are tenacious right off the bat but cant start off in cities.

Tier 2
-Ranger league. Rangers are versatile warriors that now a bit of everything. They excell at dealing damage be it in close range with meelee weapons or over long range with guns or bows. What they have in damage they lack in durability as they are lightly armored and their most skilled units are elves.

-Knight order. Knights are heavily armored warriors that lack in ranged damage but excell in durability. They are the backbone of any self respecting army and are very disciplined if pompous at times.

Tier 3
Ranger league:


Tier 1
-Coven. United wizards and mages that come together to learn more about the arcane arts.


Tier 1 
-Civil guard. Civilians that have united against crime and/or evil rulers with as their only mission to protect fellow civilians.

Tier 2
-Guild. Guilds are small organizations, typically made up of vigilante warriors that fight inside and outside their homecity for their beliefs. Not inheritely violent but they are made up of strong warriors that will put up a fight before falling. Guilds can hold teritory but not too far from settlements. However, they are typically small.

-Clan. Clans are groups of skilled warriors. Bonded by comradery and kinship clans stick together until the very end and are the only group type that have each class in their ranks by default. They can hold teritory anywhere in the world and set up a clan hall wherever they please. Despite their abilities, they typically have a rather small demographic.

Tier 3
-Champions guild. Extremely skilled individual warriors wo have survived many wars and saved many individuals while recieving many decorations. Champion guilds boast very high influence to nearby cities and bolster the morale of regular soldiers in the army nearby. They share the teritory of nearby armies but dont hold their own.

-Adventurers guild. Warriors, scientists, mercenaries, individuals from all proffesions or backgrounds united by their interest in exploration and discovery. Adventurer guilds hold massive teritory but due to the size of their guild they have a hard tome defending it, they typically have scouts patrolling their teritory if they are not anywhere else in Jeslore.

-Bounty hunters. Bounty hunters are cut throat mercenaries, reformed criminals but sometimes also respectable warriors down on their luck. They hunt down criminals and bring them to justice in exchange for coin. While bounty hunters are certainly skilled they typically dont defend their teritory and relocate when they are attacked.

-Assassin's clan. Assassin clans are warriors who have chosen to use finnesse, stealth and agility in combat rather than brawn. Their units are trained brutally for years but emerge as extremely skilled warriors. Assassin clan halls are easy to overrun as assassins are not a defensive force. However, they do produce the most feared offensive units in the realm.

-Barbarian clans. Barbarian clans train hulking warriors that typically wield weapons where size matters. For a barbarian honor is all that matters, and their honor lies in their mead hall, wherever a mead hall is stationed one can expect a hearty amount of barbarians defending nearby. Ferocious, savage and large in numbers, barbarians are a powerfull defensive force who dont like leaving their mead hall behind.

-Tinker house. A research station filled with brilliant minds who deploy their expiremental weaponry in the face of dangerous. While their weaponry has a chance of severely backfiring, lengthy amounds of research can deliver powerfull technology to nearby settlements.
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Organization templates (subject to change)
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