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 Livestock and Crops of Vistulia

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Elias Bishop

#1PostSubject: Livestock and Crops of Vistulia   Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:33 pm

  • Dullock
    Large and docile herd mammals bred for their meat and furs. Dullocks are well known for the ease of corralling and their slow walking speed. These are the most common livestock in Vistula
  • Terroot
    A hardy tuber that grows easily in the Vistulia’s tough northern soil. It is a filling and tough starch, the perfect staple for everyone throughout the social ladder and ideal for distilling holy spirits and vodka.
  • Tosagrain
    A long since imported grain that has been found as capable of surviving the colder northern climate and providing nutrients for Terroots to grow the following season. Tosagrain is most often used to create feed for livestock and bake breads.
  • Warmweed
    A mass produced cash crop introduced by the nobility. When lit within a long pipe, a person can smoke it to gain a sort of high and therefore a limited amount of pleasure. It is popular for recreational use for many in Vistulia ranging from the nobility to peasants. Many herbalists use warmweed for it’s calming effects for psychological treatment.
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Livestock and Crops of Vistulia
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