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 The first crusades.

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#1PostSubject: The first crusades.   Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:55 pm

Below is an suggestion and summery {which can be further expanded} about several key events that would affect human history.

Sometime ago in the late Dark Era.

The Yvemian faith led under their founder the "Illustrious Prophet" waged an massive military campaign to secure the spread of their beliefs,this campaign would be the largest to date in current human history and also allowed human culture to progress under a {temporary} unified force in the name of divinity.


The rise of the faithful:

The prophet gathers small groups of mercenaries and begins an wide crusade starting from High monastery,for every town she visited she was able to convert and bolster her "Holy" army they where able to push out the tribal barbarians that plagued the central highlands and started to unify the loose collection of "independent" villages and towns under their banner.Despite their growing power the prophet insists that the holy army remain an nomadic force rather then to centralize it into an singular empire.This was to prevent the enemies of the faith from striking at their established capital.

After missionaries converted the as of yet small kingdom of Vistulia,the prophet's armies pushed southwards into Orcish lands,their armies crushing the small orcish encampments that dotted across the land,hanging the once feared orc warlords that plagued the frontier of human territories.

Trade with Freehaven allowed the religion to spread to the human population there signalling the rise of the first organized religion that spanned across all known human kingdoms......

Then after almost an decade of bloody expansion and forceful conversion the faith began to become more peaceful as their faith developed alongside many chapels and churches,the loose kingdoms united under an single vision and humanity's dominance on the continent secured.

Then after 19 years of peaceful rule,the prophet died causing an vacuum in the power the holy forces now held.This led to the rise of the first Inquisitor and would signal the start of many bloody crusades that shaped history as we know it.

The formation of the Church:

Because of the sheer size and power the faith now held the priests needed to centralize it's power,despite the prophet to have started the movement in High Monastery,the rising trade and defenses offered by the kingdom of Vistulia made it more beneficial to establish the center of the faith there.

Whilst each human kingdom had it's own appointed high bishop,the Church as an whole would be controlled by the appointed head of their administration....They would appoint an Cardinal.

The position of Cardinal at first did not hold as much power then the Inquisitor,only after the Evantis crusade and the Shadowholme crusades's failure would power pass on to the Cardinal.


The Evantis Crusade:

After several failed attempts of peaceful conversion by evangelists of the Church,the kingdom of Evantis was considered a heathen stronghold and an threat to the faith.

Lord Inquisitor Maxus issued an declaration of war upon the elves and marched the holy armies into the Elven plains,the elves where no match for the armies of knights and horsemen,while Elven craftsmanship was more refined then the holy army's the elves where no match for the fanatic vigor each soldier carried.They won several decisive victories pushing the elves back to the forests surrounding Evantis.

Victory seemed to be within Maxus's grasp as his armies marched uncontested into the forests,unaware that they where walking into an trap.Using their skill in druidry and their knowledge of the woods the Elves where able to ambush the crusader army on four fronts forcing them into an deadly struggle for survival while elven archers hidden in the trees attacked from above.

The Inquisitor lost seven thousand troops that day almost half his army,this massive dent in his crusade caused an drop in morale and disgraced Maxus to the point that his defeat be coined as the Maxus blunder upon which the path the crusaders took was nicknamed to in later years.

The crusade was an failure and Maxus was sacked from his position,an treaty was signed between the Church and the elves that recognized them as an free people and promised that the church will not ordain another crusade against them unless given an valid reason to do so.

This loss disgraced the office of the Inquisition and was one of the few humiliating defeats the Church has in it's current history.   


Shadowholme Crusade: {Circa 102 AE}

Many years later House Blackthorn requested that the Church send military aid to Thorn Isle,the Church quickly formed an army of over twelve thousand to aid in the purge of the black magics that plagued the isle.Whilst the knights and paladins of the Church had no trouble dispatching the almost endless amount of ghouls the only problem they faced was the fact that these creatures continued their assault without giving the crusaders time to rest,when the crusade reached it's first week most of the knights and soldiers grew weary and fatigued leading to an slow decline in effectiveness.

The knight-commanders requested for more troops to arrive to replace tired soldiers but as their reinforcement arrived their ships where torn apart by an deadly energy that also destroyed the crusader headquarters on the isle.Furthermore internal strife inside the Church led to the eventual cancellation of the crusade and the Church soon coined the Isle as Shadowholme,house Blackthorn was considered to be all but wiped out.

This would be the last crusade the Church ordained to this day,it would disband their standing army into various holy orders with their own castles and land.These orders would await the call to war whilst providing protection to the respective kingdoms they where situated in.

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The first crusades.
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