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 Life within the Northern Waters

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Elias Bishop

#1PostSubject: Life within the Northern Waters   Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:56 pm


A bulbous and frightening looking crustacean native to the shallower northern waters. Current catching measurements have found them to live anywhere between 200 to 400 meters below the ocean surface on the sandy floors, picking at the carcasses of larger fish and the seaweed which grows in those depths. To the people above, their meat is a fine and expensive delicacy. Perfect for exporting and consumption. To alchemists, their acid sacs used to burn through solid rock are a coveted alchemy ingredient. Since their back-plate is as tough as iron, it has not been unheard of for people to fashion armor out of a Chubb's shells.


Gigantic grey beasts the size of a ship, these beasts are expensive and highly coveted prey that requires multiple specially equipped ships to kill. Their thick rubbery skin has a tendency to repel all but piercing attacks with a specialized harpoon fired from a ballista or crossbow. But to kill one is another feat entirely, requiring rounds of pinpoint accuracy to be shot through the eye to pierce the great beast's brain. Once killed, though, the Gardewal's flesh, meats, bones, and oil are all used in varying industries ranging from food, beauty products, to fuel for expensive oil lamps. Since a single Gardewal is a difficult kill, it has made their products a rare and highly coveted delicacy fit for only the rich.

Northern Gust

The hardiest and most common fish in the northern seas. These silver-and-black scaled fish dart just below the surface of the northern seas' churning waves as if they were gusts of wind. The sheer number of ways a gust can be prepared for consumption are said to be infinite despite their somewhat bland flavor. As a result, these fish provide the meat and bones of many meals for the common folk ranging from stews to even some forms of bread and candies. This fish is a staple for the more common folk of the north.

Wakwene Seaweed

A seaweed native to the depths of the northern ocean. It is edible but has a habit of making a disgusting, yet nutritious meal. It has a handful of uses to the people of the north, making a decent leaf for use in broth or a adding a different and somewhat repulsive flavor to bread, it is an acquired taste after all. The oils squeezed from the leaf can be used as a cheaper and smellier version of lantern oil, prompting the people to add better-smelling herbs to mask the stench so that they can actually use the stuff to light their homes and export it to the poorer folk of the world.


A fearsome ocean predator just barely taller and wider than a man. These aggressive creatures sometimes hunt in swarms large enough to take down gardewals and the occasional sailing ship. Fortunately, though, Blackgarde are far more likely to hunt in pairs with spotgarde and other fish as their primary meal. These beasts' flesh range from midnight black to navy blue, perfect for blending in with the dark depths of the ocean.


The friendlier cousin to the blackgarde. Seagarde aren't often hunted and are generally treated well save on the few occasions where a person might choose to hunt them and attempt to pass their meats as that of a Gardewal, but rarely to any avail. These sleek grey creatures possess a vertical fin as opposed to the Blackgarde's horizontal one and have far more rounded features rather than the Blackgarde's seek and predatory ones.


Another fish common to the northern waters. Their meat is repulsive and their behavior is irritating. They're a symbiotic creature which eats kelp off the flesh of Gardewals, but also have a habit of mistaking sailing ships for the same thing and biting holes into the wood in hopes of catching food off the ship hulls, simultaneously weakening their hulls. For some reason, they are also repulsed by the juices of Wakwene seaweed, so ship captains will slather the bottoms of their hull with its juices to ensure the creatures don't latch on. These appear as bright silver fish with gaping jaws.

Redeye Alstor

A white-gold, rarer, and more delicious fish native to the northern water, Redeye Alstors are popular among the common folk as an attainable delicacy similar to Chubbs, but somewhat more common. They are most popularly prepared within a stew or simply served hot out of a pan as the fish's natural flavor simply melts in one's mouth.
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Life within the Northern Waters
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