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 Magic on Essence

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Elias Bishop

#1PostSubject: Magic on Essence   Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:08 pm

Note: I understand that there are some magic lore ideas already, I just would like to add a few of my ideas for how magic behaves in general and to the races in the world.
Excerpt from an ancient scholar of magic

It is my understanding that the mystical forces which flow throughout our world are weak despite the many somewhat extraordinary feats one can accomplish with its power. At least in the grand scheme of things. I believe it is because that magic is life itself, a force which gives everything from a human soul to the grass beneath my feet life from which to exist. Without it, our world would be a barren husk of dirt and stone. So much of magic’s energy is sent to pushing our lives forwards that those with the rare gift to control the power are left with little more than mere scraps with which to bend the grand forces which lie beyond our collective fingertips. During my travels and many years worth of research, I have found there are a handful of rules to the magic which we work.
For one, all magic must require a focus, a tool with which to move the power around. From what I have seen, this can be anything ranging from a rune encrusted dagger, to the ornate staffs of many royal courts. One thing I have noticed is that the quality and time put into one focus can make it more efficient than another. It seems that the more personal that focus is to a person, the more easily it allows the flow of magic. That isn’t to say a focus is everything in controlling the science of magic, it is simply a tool with which to move power around. A person is still limited by their training and natural ability to control magic, which brings me towards my second point.
We are limited in our power and skillsets, but not our knowledge. I know many things about moving power around and working with forces of magic ranging from pure destructive forces to subtle veils, but I am limited to the skills that seem to come naturally to a human. Where I am highly skilled in alchemy, my abilities towards pure destructive magic fall short in comparison to an Elf.
Thirdly, it seems that all races within our world are limited to what magics they can become immensely powerful in. Below I will list my observations of Humans and Elves.
Humans, my species, seem to have this aptitude towards magics related to subtlety and alchemy, which seem to be representative of our innate tendencies towards greed and ingenuity. Alchemy, thaumaturgy, enchantment seem to be the primary schools of magic for a human, though it seems that we are able, albeit less capable, of picking up on lesser Evocation, some forms of Illusion, and Abjuration. Though these sorts of abilities are much rarer in a human, as they require far more practice and sacrifice or require some form of elvish blood in their veins.
Elves, with their long lives, seem to be remarkably prone to picking up and utilizing the forces of magic, particularly with openly destructive forces capable of taking on ten fully armed warriors with nothing but his magic alone. From what I have seen, elves are proficient with every popular aspect of magic and virtually every school seems to come to them naturally. The only exception I’ve seen being alchemy. For some strange reason, I have never seen an elf dabbling in that one particular school of magic.
For context, I should once again make mention of the various schools of magic.

  • Evocation
    Flashy and dangerous attack magic. For many, this is the first thing they think of when they hear the word. It is pure destruction and the chosen school for battlemages.
  • Abjuration
    The exact opposite of Evocation, Abjuration is the school of defense. Of wards and runes designed to protect a given area, whether that be by a wall of magic or by trap.
  • Divination
    Scrying, the ability to see long distances, using magic to study more magic. Divination is all about finding secrets and seeing through walls.
  • Enchantment
    One of the trickier magics. This is all about taking an object and making it better. That wall? Make it tougher. That sword? Make it sharper. That’s not the only thing you can do with enchantment. You can also add some magical effects that can be activated by anyone. Like the ability to light a sword on fire with the power. (Note that is a very advanced and expensive enchantment)
  • Illusion
    Creating tricks to all the senses. Whether that be to sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. To create a true illusion requires intense focus rare in in many beings, though certain illusions like a shadow cloak or invisibility tend to be more common
  • Necromancy
    The perversion of life, as far as I’m concerned. Necromancy is all about taking the bones and stray souls of those killed and bending them to your will. Few are capable of raising more than ten at a time, but I’ve seen experienced necromancers capable of raising battalions of up to fifty weak minions. It seems that the more dead a necromancer raises at a time, the weaker they are individually.
  • Transmutation
    The faster and shorter lived cousin to alchemy. Transmutation is all transformation to cause and effect. You make the joints of that bridge weaker, and it will fall. To manipulate that rope over there so it will tie itself to a tree. It is one of the simpler forms of magic, the first school picked up by many since it has similar but shorter lived abilities that can even overlap with simpler Illusion and Enchantment, such as strengthening a stick or darkening the torches in a room. I have seen many a wizard using this ability greatly to his or her advantage in combat despite its lack of applications there.
  • Alchemy
    The one magic that I have never seen an Elf proficient in, perhaps because it is just as much magic as it is mundane chemistry. It may not be directly as powerful as some of these other schools of magic, but an Alchemist fully experienced in his runes and potions can throw out spells akin to the power of evocation, simply with a few more steps and a far more limited arsenal - that being the number of spells are limited to the alchemists number of potions, runes, or scrolls. One minor advantage alchemy has over evocation, though, is its ability to create much longer lasting effects. Such as alchemists fire burning longer, or near permanently trapping an opponent in a block of ice.
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Elias Bishop

#2PostSubject: Re: Magic on Essence   Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:01 pm


I listed thaumaturgy as a school that humans are proficient in. There is no such school as thaumaturgy. I mixed it up with transmutation.
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Magic on Essence
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