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112 AE

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 The Calendar

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#1PostSubject: The Calendar   Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:54 am

The civilised people of Vallos measure the passing years from the point of their peaceful expansion over a century ago. This era is known as After Expansion or AE. Therefore the current year is 112 AE.

The era before this was known as the Dark Era or DE, as it was a time filled with war, darkness and unreliable documentation of either date or history. 

One year classifies as 365 days in Vallos, split into four Quarters known as Dawn, Rise, Waning, and Fall.

  • Dawn is when the plants and trees begin to grow their leaves and produce.
  • Rise is the time when the ground is most fertile, and the weather is warmest.
  • Waning is when the produce begins to return to the ground, saving it's growth for the next Dawn.
  • Fall is when all nature lies in slumber whilst cold winds pass over the land.
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The Calendar
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