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 The High Monastery

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#1PostSubject: The High Monastery   Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:40 am

Home to the monks of the land, the High Monastery is a sacred holy ground that acts as a well of Holy Energy. It is the largest monastery in Vallos and the symbol of its monastic tradition. The monks who reside within are sworn to serve the Light, relinquishing all titles and family so that they are solely focused on serving their religion. Most of the time these monks stay at the Monastery to help those who come to it for aid, or they can be assigned to the smaller monasteries around the land. Some monks take up pilgrimage, travelling around Vallos to spread their faith and assist those in need. 
The High Monastery is also home to the monk’s leaders, the Council of Masters, and their ultimate leader the Grandmaster. Members of the Council are the most devoted and skilled of the order, having proven themselves worthy of leading the others. The Grandmaster is the epitome of the order, being elected by the council to be the prime leader. Upon the death of a Grandmaster a new vote is held for one of the council to take his place. 
Anyone seeking a new life can visit the order to request their tutelage as long as they can prove themselves worthy of devotion. After passing an initial trial in the first few weeks of training, an acolyte must take the Oath of Light:
Under the watchful gaze of the light, I swear to renounce all noble titles, all claims to power, and all wealth I hold. I will no longer bare my family names, nor father (or mother) any children. From this day forward I swear a solemn devotion to the light, upholding its virtues; to protect the innocent, to help those in need, and to take no life from this world. Under the watchful gaze of the light, I swear.”
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The High Monastery
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