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 Species in Vistulia

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Elias Bishop

#1PostSubject: Species in Vistulia   Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:57 pm

Cloiche (Stone) Drakes

A species of small and wingless, but tough Drakes native to the northern mountain ranges. They're larger than horses, and incredibly muscular, but they have developed an impressive amount of dexterity they use to navigate sheer rock faces to chase down their prey, primarily mountain goats. Like most drakes, they can be domesticated. A notable tribe known as the Craggorn in the northern mountains actually breeds them for use in their Rough Riders style military and for swiftly navigating the mountains.


A species native to hilly geography. Gryphons live in nest caves carved out of the hillsides. A large and fearsome mixture of lion and eagle, Gryphons have made themselves well known to the Vistulian people in the form of stealing their livestock for food. Like Stone Drakes, Gryphons can also be domesticated. The Vistulian people have done this and made the beast into a symbol of their might, allowing their most elite knights to ride them through the skies and into battle.
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Species in Vistulia
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