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 Journal of Stefan Mazowiecki

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Stefan Mazowiecki
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Hetman of Vistulian Kingdom and Lord Magnate of the High Council

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#1PostSubject: Journal of Stefan Mazowiecki    Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:27 pm

As of this momment I am in the middle of preapering official statment for next council meeting, nothing much realy just general report about status of the army, thought it has to be said that I thought about exapnding our fleet a bit and about proposing an attack on Lightway, if we could take this town then we would be albe to expand into fabled free Plains, of which agricultural potential is frankly wasted, and if we exapnd there then realy we would truly assert our selfs as the power of the north, at least in my mind. But I am not sure I still need to think about it,
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Journal of Stefan Mazowiecki
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